Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cheetahs, Videos, and Books

We finished another paragraph of the camp presentation! It's about the hotel rooms, and it's not everything I would've liked to have finished today, but there's another bit of the work finished.

When it's done completely, I'll take the time to explain in more detail what it's about— and if we ever meet in real life, I'll certainly take the time to pull it out and show it to you. 

… Let's see… what else is of interest?

WE SAW A CHEETAH! He was absolutely beautiful. We stopped the car, stared at him… and he got up and walked away. Thankfully, just behind us there was a turn, so we reversed, turned, and managed to catch up to him just as he decided to cross the street in front of our car. We didn't manage to get any pictures of the momentous event, but we did film it.

He crossed the street, lay down about three meters from the side of the road, and sat there for the next 50 minutes. At least ten cars gathered around us in that time (we'd been first!), leaving or going as it suited them, but we watched and filmed and watched some more until he got up, walked a foot further, and slumped down so you could barely see him.

Show's over, he seemed to be saying.

It was awesome.

After we saw him, we left Kruger, reaching the Kruger View Backpackers' at about 5:30. After reading the somewhat raunchy jokes on the fridge, talking to the proprietors, and checking out the book shelf, I located some frothy novel by Katherine E. Woodiwuss (as long as it's entertaining, at this point!) and put it on my bed to read by tomorrow morning. 200 pages in. It's not the best I've read, but I'm interested to find out what happens next… and as long as I've got something to look forward to so I'll wake up early this morning, it's all good.

We ate an early dinner, walking around the three lovely dogs (who bark, sniff, and are all very nearly the same color, despite being different 'breeds' and sizes) and trying not to step on them by accident. Though doors were open, they didn't venture inside. Where are the dogs like this! Well-groomed pooches who won't walk inside a room! (May I mention that only one had a collar? So no electric fencing here!)

After dinner, I set Ileana to work adding new bits to the presentation (I'd done a lot of work this morning before she woke up, and I was a bit clueless on which videos to add to the next bit). She did some work, went to watch Madagascar 2 (I elected to read), and came back to do some more work.

"Let's record now."

"No, it's late." (9pm)

Annoyed sigh. "Okay, I'll do it."

But my voice sounded stilted on video. "ILEANA!" I shouted down to the bathroom, "Tell me a joke!"

She paused. "You're dead."

I laughed, fake-gasped, and said, "And everything I know is wrong!" 

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