Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Trip to Madagascar

We're in Madagascar!

But I can't really say much about it because actually, it's 12am here (11pm for our bodies). I had the terrible misfortune of having fallen asleep on the three hour something plane ride… and sleeping practically the entire time. Hence, I could quite conceivably survive till 3am without feeling any effects beyond certain beheadment— the siblings seem to think that it's bedtime, which means that anything I say, or do, is liable to give me the capital punishment.

We drove all day, picked up Ileana's waterbottle, and reached the airport at about 11am. Dad gave the car back, and thankfully he didn't have to pay anything extra for the tire damage (yay for insurance!). We spent the next 5 hours in the airport. Ioan seemed to make friends with every single male semi-teenager in the airport, either by playing ball of some sort or smiling… which was pretty interesting. They sat just behind us in tha plane— a first, since usually the people we meet in the airport tend to be at the other end of the plane, despite the fact that we sit in the middle. They didn't talk much (I don't think), and it was a pretty quiet plane ride except for take-off and landing… I've never had so much turbulence in 8 months of flying, nor has there ever, in my experience, been such an explosive landing— before we even slowed down, everyone in the plane was clapping and giving out advice to the pilot, "THE BRAKES!"

I'm not sure if it's a Madagascarian or South African thing, but it was nice.

People in Madagascar speak a sort of French, but I'm certain it's Madagascar French rather than… French French. 

We arrived in the airport, shook hands with the two drivers, and got into 50 year old cars that we couldn't see the inside of very well. They were very comfortable, despite the fact that you could tell they were quite old. 

The air was perfumed as we drove on unlit streets to get to the hotel.

It's a cute little guesthouse sort of set-up, with doors that stick, huge bathrooms (ours is sans toilet seat, and though we haven't tried it yet, I think it flushes by bucket), and an ancient air con that, surprisingly enough, works well. So well that I'm cold.

I didn't leave freezing Johannesburg just to reach a country where everyone 'needs' freezing cold air con! But there's no discussing anything with anyone tonight, so I'll freeze for at least one night.

In other news, I'm almost finished with Perfume! There's at least 4000 words before I declare the book "ready for editing," but it might possibly last a bit longer, to 65,000 words. Which would be quite interesting.

I'm hoping that with this book I'll be able to get past the big, huge wall that is the Editing phase. My inner editor, when it rears its head, tends to be so bad that it not only says, "This sucks," but also, "You can't fix it in a timely manner," and "Why not just write more? On a new story?"

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