Monday, June 25, 2012


I finished Perfume. I'm exhausted, since I didn't get much sleep yesterday, since we walked through a very hot jungle in practically absolute silence, since I just looked at which blog posts I need to do and found out that the list starts in Sydney, Australia.


Er, at the moment, I'm going to skip over the lovely jungle walk. I'm really not in the mood to explain about such things— maybe later, when I can think straight.

On second thought, the best part of the jungle walk were the lemurs we saw at the very end. And the owl. That was about it. I was hot, sweaty, sticky, tired, annoyed because talking, even in breathless whispers, wasn't allowed. I'm not that talkative, especially not on these trips, but if I ask what type of flower a flower is… I'd like an answer! (It turned out that the explanation was way too long and detailed to have been told in the jungle where we were walking quietly to find lemurs).

The walk wasn't hard— actually rather easy— but it's complicated for me, because I can't see the ground clearly without glasses, and with glasses everything seems to be ballooning, which doesn't exactly make me feel safe. At the same time, though, I don't mind that I'm blind as a bat. I'm much more comfortable now not being able to see anything. That changes the moment an animal appears, of course, but for most activities I actually think, "Wait, I need to take off my glasses." (Not that I can see much more clearly than usual or anything, just that it's routine to take off my glasses before bed).

So the jungle walk wasn't responsible for my exhaustion. But to get to the place where the jungle walk is, it's a 45 minute canoe ride, and Ileana and I were paddling for both trips at the same rhythm as everyone else in our canoe. We're both sore, but I'm glad to have gotten an upper body workout, for once.

So that's the reason for the physical exhaustion— canoe paddling. The reason for the mental exhaustion is that a) I finished my book, so now I have to figure out… editing, and b) I received an email from Gabriela, who's helping me out with French. The actual email was quite simple, a few rules I already learned but needed refreshing on, a simple conjugation exercise that was probably finished pretty quickly.

But it felt like it took me hours to conjugate 7 verbs (despite the fact that they were mostly 1st and 2nd group), to put together sentences, to get to the end. I must be exhausted. It's the only explanation.

So I apologize for the meandering in this particular world— tomorrow I should be quite my own self.

Oh! Forgot the most important bit. Tomorrow is the Madagascarian day of independence! So everything is closed, everyone sings, it's an all-day public holiday.

And of course, tomorrow we leave Hellville, where we're staying. (Name has no reflection on the place)

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