Friday, June 22, 2012

Blyde River and Other Locations

Instead of sitting in the car today, looking outside at savannah and animals, we drove from canyon to canyon (well, lookout point to lookout point at one of the deepest canyons in the world), getting out frequently to look around, take pictures, and shiver a little.

It's getting colder as we go down south… I'm starting to wonder why winter was ever invented. I'm most certainly a person who likes heat when it all comes down to it, and if there's not something more than a canyon with so much fog you can't see the canyon properly, then I'm really not interested in cold. Unless a) I'm doing physical activity or b) it's such an important landmark (something equivalent to Mt. Everest is the minimum) that it's a must-see or c) there's someone there whom I like and who can make me laugh. As it is, I'd still be complaining quite a lot, kind of just for the fun of it.

Anyway. We saw the Blyde River (happiness river in Afrikaans), (think blithe). It's amazing, but it's got heights, which means that I'm mostly watching everyone in the family like a hawk to make sure they don't venture too close to the edge. When I have enough of the heart-stopping fear that they're going to go too far out, (which means, when I think I've seen enough of the scenery), I simply turn my back and look in a completely different direction. It's much easier not to be scared when you can't see them.

We also planned out a bit more of the camp presentation Ileana and I are going to make. It's going to be about 30 minutes (hopefully), explaining why this trip isn't the longest vacation ever, and that with the disappearance of homework comes a wealth of problems. I am not going to go into them at the moment, since it would take a large amount of words.

But the point I'm trying to make is… we came up with the ending: "Sometimes all of the jet lag and change gets to us…"

Whereupon will follow a great deal of our silliness, because, to be honest, we got quite silly today. 'Attacks' between the redcoats and blackcoats, (Ioan was a quadruple agent), jumping off rocks… ninja skills… etc.

The day wasn't over yet, though. On the way to Middleburgh, a guy in front of us was passing, with us passing right behind him. He decided to turn to the left, being on the righthand side of the road (here you drive on the left). Dad had to go straight into a pothole to avoid crashing into his back. We lost one hubcap then, one hubcap later, on the shoulder, and drove slowly to a Bottlecap Shop (or something), where a nice group of guys helped us change the tire, in exchange for about $4 for two beers.

We're all safe, and maybe in about ten years it will be a hilarious story.

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