Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today was a rest day, but we're already enjoying the location!

Baguettes for breakfast, trying to speak French, moving rooms (it's strange asking for directions in a foreign language when you're blind and carrying sixteen different things at the same time), almost-nearly finishing Perfume (it's that pesky ending— the worst part of a book), reading a novel, and starting to plan out the camp presentation.

But I'll get to that when I get to that.

This morning we all sort of lounged around. Mom has a bit of a cold, which is unfortunate, as tomorrow we set off on a whole-day trip to one of the national parks. … I can hardly wait. On the one hand, stagnating in the room. On the other hand… trying to see lemurs. I'm very torn. But of course the lemurs must be seen, so I'm not going to say one word about it. Despite the fact that there are twenty-some national parks in Madagascar and we'll probably be visiting every. Single. One.

Anyway. The baguettes were delicious, and while I couldn't understand almost a single word the maids were asking me, I'm at least able to spout off a few words and smile widely to cover up any terrible mistakes. When we went to the Manava Restaurant for lunch (15 minutes before closing time!), I was able to figure out every single food on the menu (at least, every single one that looked interesting). Dad ordered zebu tongue. A zebu is like a small, sprightly cow with a camel hump on its back. It's quite cute, and everything on a menu is chicken, fish, or zebu, if it's meat at all.

The tongue was actually quite good, though I had half a margherita pizza (the best one in quite some time) and was much too full to appreciate anything but the pizza sauce.

We rested a bit longer, and I almost finished Perfume— though I have hit 60,000 words, so I suppose that's something. It's just that endings are always the worst part. Oh well. I'll figure that out too. It's hard to wrap something up, as anyone who's read these worlds can probably tell. The endings are mostly an awkward conclusion sentence. 

Ileana and I sat down and decided to actually write out the script tonight— we have the first… three paragraphs. They're the beginning, the introduction, and right after that we'll go into a music-video montage sort of thing, then into the body of the actual video.

… I have no idea how this is going to work. I'm just hoping we survive through the script, and I have no idea how we're going to be able to put it into an interesting, attention-capturing video.

Then again, I have to consider the fact that instead of, "Oh, that's cool," the general reaction to our trip is, "OH MY. Fifteen MONTHS? Around the WORLD?" So most likely, we won't have any trouble 'selling' it.

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