Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We're at a beach whose name I can't write down because Dad won't respond to the question and Mom has a cold, thus making her answer mostly unintelligible. I think it's Andilana or something of the sort, but you can never be sure.

It's a beautiful beach, with white sand and a huge book exchange that boasts about four large shelves of books. Three of them are in French, 3/5s of a shelf in German, and the rest in English. Tomorrow I'll be heading up to exchange a few of them, as well as figuring out the horseback riding… I have no idea how I'm going to manage it, half-blind and with a language barrier, but I've got to do something!

The drive here was in a newer car— new enough to have seatbelts in the back, but not mechanized windows. Most of the cars in Madagascar are old— for the past two days we've been in Renault 4s, which are lovely-looking but won't accomodate six people and their luggage. But while it was nice to have room in the back, our driver brought along a CD full of Malagasi music, and played it. I have no idea how to decribe it, but it didn't have a melody, there were lots of drums, and a bit of chanting of some sort that would break off with no warning for the drums… let's just say that for the half hour we were in the car we were waiting for it to be over.

Before we headed off in the car though, I spent a lot of time browsing the internet trying to find some book about geography for Ileana. Where are the writer's resources for these things? I can't find anything that would explain what we want to know— random facts, etc. Not on Kindle, at least. But I did find some interesting evolution books, a bit about education, and I replied to emails and checked Facebook… forgetting once again to reply to a comment someone made. But we get back to La Plantation on Thursday… which will be interesting, as tomorrow the schedule is very open.

I have no idea what to say otherwise, I've got no crazy plans, the only thing I can really talk about is whining about this camp presentation— I have to set a timer at some point and just beat out all the kinks of the idea. And also the blog posts, the editing I want to do on Perfume, the writing of book reviews (I've got at least 7).

I guess the only great thing is that I'm still quite ahead for my reading goal of 366 books! I'm not certain how long I'll be able to keep up this pace, but it seems to me like it should be pretty sustainable. 

I've found it interesting that I'm getting slightly homesick. I want to be able to use internet properly, take notes with unlimited paper at my disposal, walk to a library… there's 6.5 months left!

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