Sunday, May 27, 2012

Planning, Waiting, Drawing

We decided to stay in the hotel next to the airport for another night… so Ioan and Dad went out to learn to surf (Ioan to surf, Dad to photograph). Ileana went down to the book exchange to ask if it really was a book exchange.

We took The Hobbit (on the high school reading list, unlike Pride and Prejudice), Long Walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela's memoirs), and The Host (which was better than Twilight).

And about that… Jane Austen wrote classics. CLASSICS. None of her work is on the high school reading list. It makes me quite angry. (Also, where is the Russian literature? Crime and Punishment isn't too long.)

Okay. Off that subject, because I kind of let today flutter away, planning a bit of Perfume, figuring out a drawing style (it's going to be illustrated— The Book of a Thousand Days influenced it quite a bit), drawing a few pictures (there might not be time in June), deciding not to finish Romanul Adolescentului Miop (there's reading it and thinking "Finally, it's over" at the end, or not reading it and thinking, "Finally, it's over!" I'm just saving myself some time), and reading Siddhartha.

Which is fantastic, by the way. I think it's the writing style, but at the same time it's also the plot and the journey of Siddhartha. But I think it's the writing style— that has so much importance in the interest of the book.

I also planned out June's toppler— I'll be finishing a few books off the high school reading list (Hamlet, Cyrano de Bergerac, and The Hobbit).

I know this is of no interest to anyone, so I'll try to talk about something else for the other 200 words of this.

Ioan went surfing today! I didn't see him in real life, but I did see the pictures, and he looks fantastic crouching on the board, even if he doesn't have proper form yet. He bumped his knee on the surfboard, so he's been 'OWing' a bit, but he did get ice cream for himself and pizza (with stuffed crust!) for all the rest of us, so I suppose that makes up for quite a lot of pain. I think he'll be going again tomorrow before we switch hotels again. I'm not sure where we're going tomorrow, but we will be moving all our incredibly stuffed bags (even if there's only three fifths of them with us) to some other location.

Oh! And Dad and I played Table Tennis on the iPad. He won the first game 9-8, the second 9-5, and the third I won 8-9. I figured out my winning strategy, but I won't say anything, except that it's much easier to concentrate on where the ball is going with this particular strategy. Ioan wanted to play the winner, but it was already pretty late. (Besides, chess is his and dad's realm).

I can't wait till June! It feels like everything will be so much simpler then, even if I'll have a 'busier' schedule.

The picture:

This was conceived as two people dancing at a wedding. The embroidery on their clothes is believed to work as protection.

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