Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We moved. Again. This time to Uluwatu. It's a pretty restaurant, this place called The Gong. It has a book exchange, but when Ioan looked through he told me he hadn't found a single interesting book. Then he said something about James Joyce.

"Where?" I said.

Ioan brought out A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Now, I have to explain something. I'm on a time-limit to finish Moby Dick. I'm at chapter 9 of 135. So what did I do? I started the James Joyce book. I'm at page 65 of 247. It's very interesting. I don't think I'll finish Moby Dick by the end of tomorrow, unless I set aside six hours (at least) for the job.

It actually should be doable. Practice for the toppler.

I've got a cover idea for Perfume, which is fantastic, I have even more insight into the novel, and I can barely wait for 7am on the 1st of June. (I'm not staying up late. I'd collapse at 9pm if I did).

But onto more important things.

We headed off to a temple something-or-other, which also harbors monkeys. The signs say to be careful of shiny things, hats, glasses, earrings, etc. We promptly took off any sort of ornament except our glasses and my watch.

As we entered the temple complex, and were looking at the monkeys from a 'safe' distance, one monkey jumped toward Ioan from a number of feet away, stole his glasses right off his nose, and walked away.

Dad started running after him. 4/5 people in this family have abhorrent vision. Mine is the worst, and Ioan's is the best, and we do have replacement glasses… but still.

A park ranger ran after the monkey after everyone there yelled at Dad to stop running after the monkey.

I don't know what the rangers DO, exactly… I know I saw one in Ubud with a slingshot, so perhaps they slingshot the monkeys into throwing back the glasses? Or perhaps they give them a bit of food? Anyway, the ranger came back with Ioan's glasses, with not even a scratch on them. Everyone took off their glasses after that, and Mom and I peered around trying to figure out what everyone was looking at. It was pretty interesting. The only times I take my glasses off are at night and when I'm groundfighting or sparring. Which means that in the day time, the last time I took my glasses off was seven and a half months ago.

Seven and a half months! 

I went to the Princeton Review website today to update the info on that too, as they send me a great deal of emails about a great deal of colleges, and I'm finally able to curtail quite a few of them. The internet gave out about that time… but I find it really interesting that one of the things that's slowly becoming 'interesting' and 'important' is this college nonsense. Now I know what I'm going to study, the questionnaires actually MAKE SENSE!

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