Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tree Tops

I have a sick headache. There's some sort of pounding in my temples, on the top of my head, at the backs of my eyes. 

The sick headache comes from Phyllis in "Bewitched," and it's pretty apt. I think most of her headaches are from some sort of stress and/or attention-seeking.

Mine is stress-related. We went today to the Bali Tree Top Adventure Park. It's located in the Botanical Gardens in some city in Bali— I'm not certain of the exact location.

But basically what it is is a part of Balinese forest, with trees covered in zipline cords and obstacle courses.

Just thinking about it now makes my head spin. It was fine as I was doing it— okay, there's a Green course, an Orange course, a Blue course, a Red course, and the Black course. They get progressively harder and higher off the ground. The demo explains to us how to move around, how to pull things from one side to the other.

Perfect. It's easy. The Green course is simple… a few steps over a thin wire while holding on to another about chest height, a little zip line… it's easy. It's simple.

The Orange one is a bit harder. You step on a few planks that swing independently of each other, etc. The zip lines are a bit longer, a bit faster… the height is, well, higher, etc. 

Dad stops here and starts to film our progress from the ground.

The Blue… about the same. This time you get to crawl through a few logs, the planks are now thin logs that are placed diagonally so you can't walk across the middle— you have to shuffle a bit to step over everything. You also have to climb across a net. Ileana climbs down the net instead. She's had enough. Swinging logs are too much for her. 

Before the Red circuit, Mom, Ioan and I all have a long drink of water. Our throats are already becoming dry. To get to the beginning of the red circuit one has to climb a net. There are zip lines, a place where you hook onto a rope and swing OUT in mid air into a net, then climb up and continue going. 

One section includes walking across free-swinging stirrups. They are so far apart that Ioan is swinging in mid-air for quite some time as he tries to get one or both of his feet INTO something.

The black circuit starts with a rock climb up a wall, over a few wires, to a spot where lots of Chinese and Japanese are waiting to swing down a rope attached 20m above the ground onto a net… to swing down and either CONTINUE the black circuit (nothing as scary as this rope follows) or swing to a standstill and then climb down.

Ioan and Mom stop AFTER the rope swing.

I went on and did the entire black circuit.

And, like I said, I've got a SICK HEADACHE.

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