Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Thoughts About Today

I'm not fully certain if I can remember what happened this morning.

We woke up early, got our three bags together (two of them— the big ones— are with the Going Anyway family for the next two weeks, containing all the things we don't need for Java etc.)

It's amazing to think that if we were just viewing South East Asia, we could get by with so few bags. 

We took two planes, one from somewhere in Bali to Jakarta, and then another to Yogyakarta (or Jogjakarta or however it's spelled in wherever you happen to be). 

I love planes.  They're such productive places. Forced to stay in a small space, with nothing to buy, nothing to see out the window except perhaps clouds and take-off and departure. And onboard entertainment on Air Asia costs money. About $20 for an iPad with movies and games (games cost more). And those are only available on longer flights.

So the only things you can do on a plane are read, use an iPod, an iPad, or a laptop.

And I don't have an iPad (and I don't really have anything to do on one either besides listen to music or read— both of which are done infinitely more comfortably on my iPod). And the laptop tends to be at the whim of the person in front of you, who often plasters himself back with the speed of lightning, never considering that someone might be behind him. So I read.

And read. And maybe sleep— it depends on how long my eyes stay open. It doesn't matter if the book is interesting or not— when you go to bed at eleven or twelve or even one and wake up at seven or eight or six you tend to fall asleep on a plane or in a car. I'm sure anyone who moves all the time can understand this phenomenon— Dad used to fall asleep any time, any where— even while waiting for Ioan to select a tennis player on Virtua Tennis.

But getting past that.

We're in Yogyakarta, which was the capital of Indonesia from 1945 to 1949. Then again, we're about an hour away from the airport, in what Dad termed a 'research facility'/hotel (with a really fancy outdoor restaurant and an Audio-Visual Room), so we may not be in Yogyakarta exactly.

Anyway, the hotel is about five minutes away from Borobudur, a Buddhist temple built c. 800 AC. The Audio Visual Room is there specifically for a 35 minute movie about this temple. I'll explain more about it tomorrow— we wake up at 4am (first 7:30, then 5:30, and now 4!) to go see the temple before all the big crowds come in at 6am. At 6:30 we'll have breakfast, rest a bit, etc, before checking out at 12pm to find a much cheaper hotel in a much cheaper locale.

And I'm listening to Elvis Presley and I've got a lovely skirt and I'm so exhausted I'm happy for no reason!

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