Monday, May 28, 2012

Pizza Hut

We started out on an adventure at 5:45pm this afternoon. Mom and Dad had gone to see the sunset, and Ioan, Ileana and I wanted to go to Pizza Hut to have stuffed crust pizza.

We might not have gone though, if Dad had not expressly threatened us if we didn't go eat.

So we set off, me in my punjabi, Ileana in her orange shirt and purple sarong (bad idea). Everyone was saying 'hello!' to us (us girls), and we were ignoring them, trying not to yell something obscene. At Tae Kwon Do we wouldn't mind telling the boys what's what, but here… not a good idea. Someone tried to sell Ioan sunglasses and deviate Ileana into looking at them. She sidestepped and made the guy laugh. 

It took about fifteen minutes to get to Pizza Hut. I asked if we should sit down and just then a waitress came to seat us— Ioan and Ileana had disappeared into a completely different direction. We have to work on sticking together in restaurants.

Finally we got together and were seated in a non-smoking area. The waitress gave us our menus, explained what they said (mostly it was in Indonesian), said a great deal of things I couldn't understand, (we already knew what we wanted to order, but decided to keep the menu so we could look through and see if there were any interesting appetizers)… I smiled and nodded, pretended to understand, and then, when she'd left (after saying something that sounded like 'need anything please ask me,' with a sort of all-encompassing gesture like she was drawing us close, and then a half of a 'namaste' salute and a curtsey, all at the same time), I said to Ileana and Ioan, "I didn't understand a word."

Two more waitresses came to ask us if we were ready to order, with the same, 'if you need anything please ask me' gesture. I hate being waited on. I always feel awkward about it. We ordered deluxe cheese with stuffed crust, two waters, and garlic bread. A man brought the pizza, served us each the first slice, and then left us alone to enjoy it. I loved stuffed crust.

We finished the food (delicious), helped the waitress stack everything onto the tray (Dad laughs at us when we do this… but it's all Mom's fault for making us mostly considerate people), and then got up to pay. Ioan has to learn a bit about handling money, but I didn't say anything.

We left, walked a bit, and then decided to cross the street. Holding hands, Ioan and Ileana looked in one direction and I looked in the other. No break in cars. Then a police man in a reflective vest approached. "You want to cross the street?" he asked.

"Yes please." I said.

He stopped all the cars in five seconds, we crossed the street, said thank you, and walked home.

"Don't you just love policemen!" I exclaimed.

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