Friday, May 25, 2012

The Pink Sarong

FreeBooks blocked on me yesterday— a true catastrophe since it's the most-used app on my iPod, and the books on it aren't available anywhere else without a great deal of going out of my way— something I'm not eager to do. Dad and I tried to fix it, but it didn't work. So I waited a bit longer, deleted it, and then we'll transfer the info back on and hope that since the problem book is closed everything will function just fine.

Anyway. We slept in a bit today— till 8:30, and went to see Prambanan at 12pm. It's a large temple complex more than anything— three larger temples for Shiva, Brahhma, and Vishnu, as well as their vehicle animals. It was almost destroyed in the 2006 earthquake.

While it was impressive, it wasn't anything special. There are scenes from the Ramayana in bas-relief, and the Shiva temple was still closed off for repairs. We walked around, took pictures, looked at the deer outside the temple, stayed well away from the cassowary, and then walked out of the temple complex to find a taxi.

We saw a bazaar instead though, and so I began looking for a sarong (my blue one is so old it's ripping). We found a hot pink one with a black design of dolphins and yin-yang symbols. The girl asked 200,000 Rupiahs but we got her down to 50,000 Rupiahs merely by saying, "Oh! Too much!" and "We'll get it in Ubud for 50,000, thank you very much." In thirty seconds I had the sarong for 50,000.

Ileana found herself some sunglasses and we started walking in the hot, heavy heat to find a taxi.

Some motorcycle taxis offered, but with five people they smiled and backed off. A few people with rickshaws (these ones are small love seats attached to the front of a motorcycle or possibly bicycle— I didn't get a good look). Even horse-drawn carriages (and the horses here are longer and more elegant than the Balinese ones). We turned them all down, and finally located a car that must be 25 years old— rusted, with one of those huge steering wheels. It went very slowly, but that way we got to see all the signs:

Ayam Goreng, Betut Goreng, Soto Ayam, etc. (Fried Chicken, Fried Duck, Chicken Soup, respectively.)

We reached home and I finished off a shorter story I've been working on, then plotted out a bit more of my Camp NaNoWriMo novel (only one week left!). I can't wait for June.

We take off to Bali again tomorrow… hopefully we'll manage to locate a book exchange and be able to exchange the five books everyone in the family has read. 

The cool thing about the hotel we're in is that it has really good prawn crackers and it's so close to the airport you can hear the planes take off— literally a hop, skip, and a jump away.

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