Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today is the April Toppler for my reading group. The point is to read at least one book for various prizes during one twenty-four-hour period.

I'd decided to wake up early and read Wuthering Heights for the prize of 'book longest on the to-be-read shelf.' I woke up at 5am and read till six, trying make sense of the plot and the language until I fell asleep again. I slept till about 8, which was lovely.

The rest of the family woke up and began to move around— they're going to spend the rest of the day in the city, going to church and the library.

They leave at about nine and I make myself a bologne sandwich with ketchup, check in to GoodReads to tell everyone how I'm getting along.

By twelve, I'm starting to wonder if Wuthering heights is ever going to finish. I can't stand Linton, and Hareton is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

At about two, after beating out some sort of drum solo on my water bottle in an attempt keep reading, I read Chapter 32, which has enough romantic and friendly scenes to make the drum solo worth it. Chapters 33 and 34 follow in quick succession, and because it's ended so well I'm convinced I lived the whole thing. I give it four stars.

Next is The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. One of the challenges is the Wild Goose, which asks that you read a book in a new way, be it a new format, in a different setting, etc.

This award presented a few problems. I've read basically every format applicable, be it audio, electronic, or paper. I've also read practically veerywhere, including the stoplights of the sidewalk, waiting for the light to change. I read while walking ,bouncing, even, for a few moments, in a handstand. So I decided to read all of The Old Man and the Sea while standing on my right foot. The second I put my left foot down, I'd stop reading. AT about 5 I finished the book and sat down to figure out what to read next. I'd thought of Ulysses, but reading 800 pages of complicated prose after Brontë and Hemingway seemed just too much. I decided on Maitreyi, possibly a worse choice because it's in Romanian, which requires more of my concentration. I got abotu 12% through before I couldn't take any more, as well as 2% through Ulysses, but my brain was turning to mush and I needed something simpler. I started Zombicorns by John Green, which I'd been planning on erading for some time, and finished before bed.

All in all, a lovely, beatiful, very productive day. I'm so glad I stayed at home. Even though they went to the library, I finished a great deal of books, which, in my opinion, counts for more than finding books to read. The latter is much easier than the former.

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