Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's Day 120 of the year! It's amazing how quickly it seems to have gone by… I still remember cavorting to Lily the Pink (a ridiculous song… but highly entertaining) on New Year's.

And I can't really seem to remember what came after that. I remember the books I read in each location, and a bit of the places we've been, and some of the things we've done, but writing about it is way beyond me. I've been trying to write the blog posts for Hawaii… all I remember of Hawaii is that we moved around, did state tests, watched Friends, saw volcanoes, got our hair cut, met an Indian family at the olivine beach, and went to a coffee farm. That and the reaction to our lack of luggage at the airport.

Otherwise? Not much. Practically not anything. I don't recall what order the places were in, which is completely different from New Zealand (we went in a counter-clockwise circle), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Outback), India (and, let's be honest, there were tons of places), or anywhere else. It's all disappeared. And, I repeat— it's only Hawaii.

Dad said once that we're probably the only people forced to come to Hawaii on vacation. It's probably true— we needed to take our tests, 'check in' to the USA again to make sure we're still normal residents, etc. But we didn't come for the beaches, the volcanoes, the sights… if it had been up to us we probably would have selected another country.

So it's hard to remember, hard to put the place into words better than the rest of the family has, and I'm really not in the mood to try. I'm not even writing at my own stories— I'd much rather be reading, and, if I have to, writing book reviews. I've just hit 114, I'm reading a biography of Jane Austen, I've got a list of other books to get through, and I'm very happy with that, even though I've got the blog posts to worry about.

Isn't there some way just to erase the record, note a few notes, and say I honestly can't remember which order things were in? Because I can't, I really can't.

On to happier subjects! We watched most of The Sound of Music today— only most because the times are a half hour apart and  we didn't realize that until 7:25 when we missed both 'the hills are alive' and 'Maria,' which are two of my favorites. Ioan and Ileana didn't remember it almost at all, but I think we were all transfixed, even though they cut off every scene horribly when it came time for the commercial breaks.

I hope they never make a remake of this movie. It would just ruin it, and it's too good a movie to be ruined by a remake.

Anyway, I love the movie, and I love Julie Andrews, and in general I'm just very happy with the world.

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