Friday, April 27, 2012


The most interesting days are the ones where we meet a lot of people. Yesterday we saw "Madagascar" and her group more than once. She has a lovely accent, and has traveled parts of Europe, South America, Central America, and California. She's from Madagascar, hence the name we gave her, since we never exchanged names.

We met our tour guide two days ago as well. She used to be a bus driver, became more interested in the Aboriginals, was taught a few things, became a tour guide… and married an Aboriginal man five years ago.

This morning we said goodbye to a couple at the campground who are traveling around Australia for six months. That's about all we know about them, but when you see someone in five or six places, you say 'hi' like you've known each other for years… and then move on.

It's the same thing with three girls from France, and a small family that's also French. 

Today we went to Red Banks Gorge, all the way through beautiful veined rocks  I could look at for years. At the water hole, we stopped to touch the water (absolutely freezing), played around with an air raft that was lying there doing nothing, and started taking pictures of the rocks.

A family of what we presume were Jews came. They surveyed the water hole, saw the air raft, and asked, "Don't you want to go in the water?"

"No," we said, "It's too cold for us."

The dad and two boys stripped down to underwear, sat on the boat (the dad in the back, the two boys, each about six to nine, on their stomachs on the sides), and paddled off.

I should mention this air raft doesn't have a bottom— it's like a floatie but in a boat shape.

And then they paddled off into the gorge.

We said hello and bye, and that was it, but… wow. Getting into freezing cold water just to paddle around a bit? Not for us.

As we kept going, we passed a sign that said Tyler's Peak. We pulled in… and saw a behemoth of a camper van. It looked almost amphibious, huge, white… with printed on the side, AROUND THE WORLD, and SWEDEN and GERMANY flags on the back.

The size was amazing. Dad went up and asked to take a picture…

It's a couple with white hair and German accents, who've been on the road since January 1st… 1997.

They've been through Europe, South America, South Africa, USA, the Middle East (in 2005-2007). They were in Africa for 3 years and a half. They'll be going to Asia next. They've been in Australia for a year. They won't be going to New Zealand, since the truck won't fit.

The camper van was custom-made. The top raises up. It's… enormous.

Dad took a picture from every angle possible on the outside, and we went on.

All we could think of was… and people said we were crazy! And how fantastic would it be to do that!

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