Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today is Mom and Dad's 22nd anniversary. We woke up to a pretty warm tent, a luxury (you realize how big of a luxury a real bed is when you're in a tent, and when there's a cold night warmth when you get out of the sleeping bag is a real luxury).

Packing up the tent has become a bit automatic too… and I think we're all very happy to be taking it back now. We must face that, while we can do this if we have to, we will never be 'LET'S GO CAMP OUTDOORS AGAIN!' people. We just weren't trained early enough.

We drove a while and stopped at Ghost Gum to walk to the lookout. It looks out over a waterhole and a gorge (I always thought a gorge had water in it, but these 'gorges' generally have puddles somewhere, if anywhere at all… not at all like ours). The stones are red, flies are everywhere (I'll yell about the flies some other day), and we're all tired from so many days of walking everywhere.

But it's a beautiful day, and it's a beautiful view, and we take pictures and start off down the trail again.

We drive until we reach Alice Springs… and then we reach a hotel (or collection of apartments?). The apartment is huge. Wide open spaces, a balcony, red tile like the stones in the gorge on the floor, white walls, room for at least five people in the kids' bedroom alone… and two out of three cabinets in the kitchen completely empty, with the dishes put in the one furthest away. I have many things against the kitchen.

Mom and Dad take the jeep to buy food.

I snap the beans when they come back, thinking about nothing in particular. It's interesting how my mind goes a bit blank whenever I'm snapping beans or cleaning potatoes.

We have tortillas with ricotta, lettuce, and meat for dinner (an 'invention' made by Mom, and absolutely delicious— even though I don't, in general, like ricotta), then a strawberry and cream mousse for dessert, while we discuss Ileana's conquests.

After dinner, I head off to finish Maitreyi, and Ileana and Dad begin to clean out her account…

During which we find old videos we made of ourselves goofing off. Dad hasn't laughed this much in ages.

And I can't believe I've cut my hair! It was so long… so pretty… so useful! When I had it, I couldn't have cared less about it— it was always in a barid. Now I don't have it and I can only think about all the cool hairstyles I'd be able to do!

Ah well. It will grow. And in the meantime, I can practice on Ileana.

Dante's Peak with Pierce Brosnan came on while I was in the last stages of Maitreyi, so I watched enough of that to realize I didn't like the movie, then went off with the internet to post all my posts.

I'm almost done, but I'll do more tomorrow.

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