Friday, March 9, 2012



There were so many amazing events today that I'm not sure which one to pick to write about. It's quite sad because this will hence be a disjointed post which I'll hopefully be able to write up properly later.

Here's a bullet list…

  • I went to the beach again! To take pictures of the surf. The sea was purple in places! PURPLE.
  • We saw a live kiwi and petted longfin eels… 2 meters long! Eels feel slimy… a bit like jello. They are very ugly. And prompted a story idea… The kiwi is fantastic, but its enclosure was very dark and I couldn't examine it minutely. It does move a bit like a worried English professor with his hands behind his back, looking for something on the floor. (Credit for that comparison goes to Mom.)
  • We picked up two hitchhikers… it's legal in New Zealand, and so we met Leslie and… and this is really embarassing— Dad and Mom heard 'Daniel,' but the rest of us heard 'Ben.' The two names should be far enough apart to prevent confusion… but we apparently don't have any luck. They're both from Canada, traveling New Zealand for six months. Originally part of a larger group, they split up for better luck hitchhiking. We took them all the way to Franz-Josef Glacier, so about an hour driving. Ioan was happy as he got to play games with Ben/ Daniel… no one else in the family enjoys playing much.
  • We went to see a glacier! Seeing the Franz Josef Glacier means parking and then taking about a twenty minute walk into this huge gray valley filled with small pebbles and tiny gray rocks. The glacier runs through a couple of rivers and brooks, depending on which side you're on. The valley walls are covered in cliff-like rocks and vibrant green trees. We actually crossed over into the 'guide-only' section to climb up a hill of pebbles so we could get a better look at the actual glacier (which you couldn't see properly from the 'normal people' section).
  • I met half a family that is traveling for 12 months. Half a family because I didn't meet the husband or the little boy, who's twelve, though I did meet the mother and the little girl, who's four. They're from Holland and have been traveling through South East Asia and parts of Europe since July. 
  • We saw Leslie and Daniel/Ben again… and said hello again.
  • Mom created Franz-Josef Rice, which is rotisserie chicken with carrots and fried onions and rice. Good but strange.
  • The Dubai-New York flight on August 17 was changed from 2:30am to 3:15am. Which means that we're going to camp this year, and I get to see some friends and have a vacation from the vacation! Trust me, it's a fantastic trip, but I really need the company of some people younger than me that I don't know well.

I told you there were amazing events today! Ileana and I literally couldn't stop bouncing.

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