Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Hours in an Apple Store

Because our internet connections haven't been fast, widely available, and/or unlimited since Northern China (and even then, we had the censors to go through), my computer hasn't been updated in quite some time.

Today, instead of going to the aquarium in Honolulu, I elected to go to the Apple Store instead.

At first glance it's fantastic. Nice background music, a laptop, updates…

The first thing I realized was that updating both iPod and MacAir was a bad idea, as I couldn't use either of them during parts of the update, and I had nothing to do but look at the Genius Bar tips on the screens. I knew about a lot of these, and it would loop every so often. 

And still… the updates went on. I couldn't leave the table because thousands of dollars were on it, and I wasn't about to leave them there (after traveling in China, Nepal, India, and other countries abounding with pickpockets, you quickly learn to be highly suspicious of everything). I didn't drum my fingers, but I was close to it.

A Frenchwoman came with her iPad for a lesson and I had to give up the charger I was using from another computer. The teacher offered to find another cable, but by that time I thought I was done with charging. When I asked about a cable, she told me with that patient tone annoyed mothers get that she was conducting a private lesson. "Oh! I'm sorry." I said, probably blushing like a tomato, 

"No, it's okay, it's just— just ask someone over there."

"Sure thing. Really sorry about that." (Still blushing).

I went and asked one of the guys in blue shirts (and it's amazing how those blue shirts seem to bring in all of the blue-shirted tourists so that you're not sure if the person standing looking interested is a customer or an employee) if there was a cable anywhere, because I had an update I had to get and… etc. He opened up this invisible drawer, took out a charger, plugged it in for me into this really cool charging station installed underneath the table… and I was left there, updating Civilization V, of all things, for two hours as I waited for App Updates and iCloud downloading off my iPod.

By the end of it, I was heartily sick of loud music, loud people talking, and being practically in the middle of the room, where a great amount of people were walking behind me, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.

And a very interesting piece of information:

Though I checked and responded to my email, my GoodReads (to a point), and downloaded a limited-edition Holly Lisle Course (mugging the muse, free for her readers until next Tuesday), and uploaded my blog posts…

I did not even think to check Facebook. Or, I did think of it and then decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I knew I wasn't particularly interested by social networks,  but I didn't think I was that uninterested!

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