Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things We Miss

Today, while slurping what I assume was beef ramen, Ioan said,

"I miss home."

"What parts?"

"I miss legos and my pillow and my bed and my room and my friends. Heroes 3, board games, Mom's cooking…"


"Don't you miss cooking for us, Mommy?"

"No." Mom said, serenely.

"What do you miss, Ileana?"

"The couches." (We have lovely, comfy, leather couches which are not good for our backs). Ileana says. "And my piano and guitar, and voice lessons, and the internet and the library and the TV, and Netflix."

Mom turns to Dad. "Well? What do you miss?"

"Well," Dad says, looking up from his iPad, "if I really had to invent something, I would say my hard drives. But I don't really miss anything."

Mom missed her friends. And later, when she asked what she'd do if we went back home right now, and I suggested 'go to church,' she started crying. I was totally at a loss for what to do.

My list of things I missed was:

- TaeKwonDo (I had about thirty brothers. And I got to marshal them around or discuss things with them and have physical exercise. Walking just doesn't cut it after five months).

- Routine (I am big on routine. I have none of it here. I've gotten used to it, but increasingly I'm missing my productivity. Without routine, without the ability to plan my days ahead for the week, I lose motivation, incentive… you name it.)

- Disney movies (You never know how good you had it until you don't have it. Disney movies are one of those necessaries that you don't know you need until you don't have them.) Actually, good movies would top this.

You know what else I miss? Being told to sit down every morning, Monday to Friday, to do school. It just doesn't work that way any more. Now it's— let's see Honolulu. Let's go to the beach. Let's drive around in a camper van. 

School is second place to the travel. And Dad is so antsy about moving and going and seeing and we're so overloaded that by the time we get to school our brains are exploding with all the information we've already taken in about the Hawaiian pantheon, or New Zealand scenery, or Angkor Wat, etc, that we can't make ourselves sit down and absorb more information.

And, hey! I get that we're going around the world and this is an unmissable opportunity—  that we're doing something no one else has ever done… but the world is not made up of life experiences!

 I want to be able to sit down for a long time, get all this ridiculous information out of my head, and then learn something that I can actually use in college!

Like math, or psychology, instead of super-packing, navigation, and geography! 

I miss cerebral work. I've gotten a frustration headache from 40 minutes of 9th grade math problems. This never happens.

Before I start a real rant, I'm going to stop, because I've written the end to this ten times.

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