Tuesday, March 27, 2012

State Tests

School tests are given out every March or April, depending on the time we decide to take them. They're sent out to our house, and we take them mostly automatically, paying attention to the questions when they're very easy or very hard. We've become accustomed to these tests, wondering why Sample Questions are necessary when everyone already knows how to fill in bubbles. Especially when one has been doing these tests for twelve years.

We each set a timer on our iPods, taking our respective tests. I started with the Reading and Language section. In most respects, it's a bit like an ACT or SAT. Once I got that (about 18 questions in), the entire language section was easy, if a bit annoying.

You see, I'd done the exact same test last year? The same test, I bet, that was being given out before I was born— since the internet had just been invented, according to one of the sample questions.

There was a mountain lion story; a story about factories; I, Robot; and stuff about computers. And I bet that there will be a certain question, either on the Mathematics or the Math Computation section that is about cooking a turkey.

What do the photographical memory kids do when they take these tests? I'm not sure. Do they simply breeze through the test in twenty minutes? It took me just forty five minutes to go through what was supposed to be a 100 minute test. I didn't bother checking because I was already bored.

The hardest parts, actually, will be the social studies section (American for American History and American Geography) and the math. Social studies because memorizing presidents, states, and wars has never been my strong point or interest, and math because I tend to do the problems too quickly and thus get the wrong answer.

However, even with all that I'll get a 99th percentile. I've been in the 12.9 grade range since sixth grade. Sometimes I wonder if they're ever going to make these tests harder, just so that they're more interesting. 

I mean, I'm not trying to brag, but tests are boring because they're easy or repetitive. The SAT and ACT are some of the worst tests to study for because:

A) You don't learn anything to study for them.

B) Each test is the same, even if the questions are different.

C) The essay prompts are not pertinent to my high school life.

I'd love to get some test some day that's challenging, and that makes me think. I miss thinking on something! I miss having a routine or being marshalled around and being told what to do by someone other than my parents (whose orders at this point are: "Wake up," "Get ready to leave," "Set the table," "Wash the dishes," "Go to bed").

I miss my Tae Kwon Do family! Punching, kicking, joking around!

We've gotten so used to having so little and moving around all the time…

I've come to one very important realization:

I am not a nomad. 

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