Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today, thirteen years ago, Mom and Dad announced to the grandparents that Ioan was going to be born.

Just think, this November my little brother will be a teenager! And a month after that I'll be a legal major. Or whatever a minor isn't.

So happy day!

We woke up early and finished up last-minute packing, then headed off to Dinah's family's coffee farm, where we received an amazing tour from her brothers and sister. I'm not going to say much about it, except that we children got to pick coffee beans, pulp them, sweep them off of the roof, and watch basically the entire process with about a hundred beans which were still on the trees.

It was… fantastic. Mom will be writing in-depth about it later.

Afterwards we headed toward the volcano. Mom actually drove the car for the first time in nearly six months. She still drives more smoothly than Dad does.

The drive to the volcano was about 100 miles, give or take 10, and took about two hours. We exchanged books beforehand and I spent time getting reacquainted with books— for the past four days I haven't been much in the mood for writing, reading, or anything besides staring comatose at the wall and whining about how bored I am, alternated with watching TV and checking Facebook near-obsessively.

It was very nice reading again. We reached a house built in 1912. The ceilings are high (I missed high ceilings), and it looks like a home. There are framed drawings or paintings of Hawaiian fruit, people, and birds. The bookcases reach floor to ceiling, but you can tell it's not a book exchange, because most of the books are old and about Peru, money, or exploration. Usually books in book exchanges are crimes, mysteries, or romance. There's not much to choose from.

I did find an old edition of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I first read this book when I was about twelve, and since the movie was good (probably because I didn't remember the book all that well), I never bothered reading it again.

But this time I opened up to Chapter 48 and read it all. And I decided that I need to read this book. Also, it was such a novelty reading Jane Austen in actual paper and ink. I've read all her books electronically, either on a Palm Pilot, a Kindle, or an iPod Touch. 

We decided against seeing the lava glow— it's best seen at night and it lights up the clouds. Since we're going to see the actual lava flow from a helicopter on Monday, and we were all tired, we decided against the lava glow, and instead spent a very relaxing evening finishing books, checking online, and watching movies and Dancing With the Stars on the television set in the bedroom.

All in all, a very, very nice day, full of wonderful people, lovely locations, and relaxing activities.

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