Friday, March 30, 2012

Missing the Stop

We now have a very good knowledge of what happens when you don't pay attention to which stop you're supposed to get off of on the bus.

We changed hotels today so that we would be closer to the airport— the flight takes off at some point before 8 am, which means we get to wake up at 4:30!

Some day this won't make me cringe. Hopefully soon. 

The point is, we have a really cool app on the iPad that allows us to figure out which stop we have to get off at (as long as we're in the US, I suppose, because it definitely didn't work in China). Dad told us which stop we had to get off at, and then lost himself in checking email and sending messages to people.

When he looked up next, we were at the airport instead of the hotel, and we had about ten seconds to get off the bus. Dad was exploding as we all galvanized into action, Mom was trying not to burst out laughing as Dad lit into her and everyone else for not seeing the stop.

Ioan was trying to comfort Mom, who looked very calm and not at all ready to burst out laughing. Ileana and I did not react in any way. I've become very antagonistic with my siblings, but with Dad it's very simple just to raise an eyebrow or wait patiently for him to blow himself out (he's really quite nice afterwards, and not antagonizing him makes him blow out faster).

We found a National… bus thing to take us to what I think was a car rental area, after which we walked about two miles with our heavy backpacks (three books and a laptop make a huge difference), trying to stop our food bags from ripping.

We walked on the shoulder, even when there wasn't one, with some directions which I think only Dad knew about (I was just going straight whenever I was in the lead). 

It was warm and we were all wearing our Scottevests.

My chest felt compressed as we walked and I'm pretty sure I got a stellar ab workout. Also, there's probably a blister on my left pinky toe, and my back is sore… but I think it was worth it. I love walking fast— that's exactly what we did. We walked fast for two miles, in heat, with backpacks that weighed at least 25 pounds (at least mine did— when we left it was 20, and now it has three books and more clothes than last time in it).

Wow. Twenty five pounds. Probably even thirty. 

The hotel we got to is nice! We actually have room for five people on the mattresses, and I don't have to sleep on a couch-bed, which is always nice. The only downside is that we're right above the pool, and there seems to be a (loud) pool party going on.

Oh well! We only have to get up at 4:30am!

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