Friday, March 2, 2012

Mini Updates

It's pitch black in our room when all the lights are closed.

It's actually eerie when you're looking around and trying to see something… and yet you can't even locate your hand in front of your face.

The one window in our room is actually a floor-length affair that opens out into a secluded garden. Ileana sat out there today writing a song. 

(FAWM is over, but that doesn't stop her!)

Mom had a bit of a cold this morning— pounding headache, an overwhelming urge to snuggle under the bedclothes… but she and Dad both went on the internet to find a gift for Ileana's fifteenth birthday, which is… tomorrow (along with about three other of our acquaintances, strangely enough.)

We decided to ask Ileana about swimming with the dolphins, which, to my despair, she and Ioan started squealing happily about.

So they didn't squeal, but it was close enough. We couldn't get them to stay quiet for fifteen minutes after the suggestion.

It's going to be an hour's boat ride out to the gulf, (not to mention the drive down), half an hour in the cold water, with only an 80% success rate of SEEING dolphins (there is, however, a chance we won't get to swim with them, either due to dolphin exhaustion, lactation, or birthing), and then another hour's boat ride back to the city whose name I can't remember.

Full updates on Monday, when I actually have gone on the ride. (Of course I'm not going to miss out on swimming with dolphins, not even if I freeze to death!)

I have a plot idea for Pirate Prince… there's a new character and I foresee hating him in the long run, but on the bright side, he's going to spice up the plot so I can get to the bits I found really interesting back in December?

(Can't even remember. This is sad.)

And… today I actually went through my noi6 emails! I have three email accounts— one with Yahoo, one with noi6, and then I think another with iCloud. The noi6 one is for personal things, and tomorrow I'll tackle Yahoo!, which is all about GoodReads and things I've signed up for. I have got to regulate my GoodReads emails so that I don't keep getting emails for things I already knew about on GoodReads.

Remember the notifications FaceBook used to send out by email? That's what I'm getting from GR right now. It's annoying. ^_^

And… I've read 49 books this year! I can't believe it. It doesn't seem like so many. It's actually been really easy. That may be because of the short stories collections I read (Lucy Maud Montgomery… genius!), but I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow is Ileana's birthday and I have no idea what to give her… but I guess I'll do my best not to start yelling at the slightest provocation.

Considering today, that will be a good idea.

Anyway, goodnight all from New Zealand, which is getting a bit warmer. 

But not much.

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