Saturday, March 31, 2012

Leaving Honolulu

We're on the plane towards Sydney, Australia. After waking up at the obscenely early hour of 4:30am, we ate, made our bags, and headed towards the airport. Pretty standard, really, and the only reason this is a rather silly post is because we will be traveling for ten hours, and be arriving thirty two hours later in Sydney.

How come?

Well, the date line, for one thing. We left Honolulu at 8:15am. The trip takes ten hours, and we land in Sydney at 2pm, April First.

This is bad because I'm behind on my reading: I have two books to read in March for the reading group. Adam's Tongue: How Humans Made Language, How Language Made Humans, and the first book of the Sherlock Holmes series.

I've finished Adam's Tongue, which I decided to read because it's about language, evolution, and it sounded interesting. In a nutshell, I understand a lot more about how language probably evolved, and I now know the human species is a bit like ants. It was very interesting, well-written, and explained a lot of things that might have done just as well with a short summary, at least for my own uses. 

The problem now comes down to Sherlock Holmes. I have to finish at least one of the books before the plane touches down (the theme was mysteries… and Holmes is a classic) in order for it to count as being read in March. If I finish it in April… well, it doesn't count and I don't get the points. I'd also like to know which is the first book in the series, as starting from the end and working my way backwards has never appealed to me.

Why haven't I read it up to now? Um… a combination of laziness, procrastination, and television. We've been watching Friends and commercials (these figure such a large part of viewing time that it might as well count!) for two weeks now, and not only do I have a healthier respect for less developed countries/ countries with language barriers, but I'm heartily sick of television. I'm ready to get back to figuring out my own entertainment.

I think I'll be reading The Hounds of the Baskervilles. I remember reading through a script version of this with the entire class in fifth grade (what this was supposed to teach us I'll never know… except perhaps 'reading aloud' and 'appreciation of classics'), and it seems as if there's no serious secret swapping (unlike The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, where the first paragraph refers to a certain character as 'late,' as in 'dead').

I'm looking forward to Australia. It will be warm, much less commercial, and full of mosquitoes and other such highly enjoyable biting insects. Also, we'll be living in a camper van again, accessing backpacker sites with proper book exchanges, and I'll be reading at full speed again.

As well as diving into Ulysses. Wish me luck!a

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