Thursday, March 15, 2012

Headphones and Other Pointlessness

"These are your headphones."

"Oh. Can you put them away?"

I stare at Ileana as if to ask her why she can't do her own stuff.

"I'm blind."



A pause.

"I can't see green."

We've just finished watching Juno. I watched this the first time when I was about fifteen. I didn't like it much.

Now I understand some of the jokes. I still don't like it much. Though Bleeker is fantastic, and I liked Brenda.

But moving on.

New Zealand is interesting. It's a wholly pointless word in this case. We drive and drive and drive and drive.

Today was a bumpy road. Mostly I was trying not to blow up at little things because everything was bouncy and I was reading a book I didn't want to read. The Children's Book, by the way, has been given up on. Apparently it's a bit like Virginia Woolf's The Years, which appeals to me about ten times more. You can guess what I'll be reading, as Ileana gave me a list of the 'good parts' and I sat down to read them. I don't think I missed much.

Last night I came to the realization that this has morphed from a 'this is really cool about the world' blog into a 'this is what I thought about this today' blog. I'm not sure if I care or not. Originally things were going to be about cool aspects of culture I discovered. But then… is it really that interesting that New Zealanders say 'myn' instead of 'men?'

And it's hard to write about, too. It's hard to find something that might be of general interest and then put it into something that sounds like sentences instead of disjointed thoughts. And the worst part is I don't succeed at it half the time! 

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that there are five people reading this blog, four of which are immediate family. My grandparents certainly use it as the day's hilarity dose, as Google Translate's antics are well-known throughout the world. And my parents certainly use it as a means of finding out what's going on with me in my own little world, as it's nearly impossible to discuss such things at the dinner table without getting a 'We don't care' from someone.

Phew. What else can I possibly write about? Life is interesting. I'm excited about camp, I'm trying to figure out how to write blog posts about a country I talked out in Worlds (Cambodia, no matter how fantastic, can only be talked about so much). I'm starting to lean towards a quick summary of what I wrote in the worlds, as naturally no one has the time to go through six posts to read what could fit into one. And then Thailand, and then New Zealand.

I can't wait for Hawaii. Warmth (I hope) and sun and an island and… well, an airport. I miss airports for some ridiculous reason I can't piece together.

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