Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Early Start

Today started at 12am. Most days start at 12am, but this one I actually stayed awake and it didn't really feel like a new day.

We were on the plane to Christchurch, New Zealand.

I wrote book reviews (ish— kind of a quick blurb about my thoughts on each book). As a) the books sucked or b) I read them two weeks ago, the reviews aren't much, but at least I'm a) getting words and b) having written opinions, which some day will somehow transform into a better aptitude for essays.

I hope.

We arrived in Christchurch at about 2:45pm— 8:45am in our time, which has adjusted very nicely to Thailand. It's cold in Christchurch.

And the New Zealand (where is Old Zealand, by the way?) government asked us more questions about plants and animals and shoes than they did about Dad's preoccupation— I overheard people asking other people what their profession was… no one asked Dad. Maybe he just looks unemployed now. 

We took a Super Shuttle throughout Christchurch, through suburban homes that are a bit like the ones you see in movies but that kind of don't really exist. Small but roomy houses— no McMansions.

We're at the Bealey Avenue Motel on Bealey Avenue (think Billy). The motel feels more like a suite. All the furniture is crowded in the main room because of Ioan's bed, but otherwise all is comfy. There is only one heater, so unfortunately for us, we sleep with the door open.

Dad snores.

Managed to post about a week's worth of Worlds on the internet. Also uploaded most of my books to GoodReads— three weeks' worth of reading and the reviews I wrote early this morning.

All I have to do regarding books now is look through the LM Montgomery short stories and remember which are my favorites— better now than later! Also the Paulo Coelho stories, which are fantastic. (Some more resonant than others).

And I've started writing a bit again— the Pirate Prince now has a pretty definite direction for the last half of Chapter 4. And Riddle Rose is. Going. To. Be. Finished. 

The deadline, of course, is March 8th. I love these nutsy deadlines. Of course I've missed the checkpoint for one of them, but… who cares? I did a lot of other things too.

I think I contemplated once making a promise to myself that this blog wouldn't be overrun with writing and reading and such, but… it's sometimes a much more interesting world than the one outside.

For example:

My mosquito burn hurts— it stuck to the sock today and I had to pour hot water on it to get it off. (Speaking of which, in the airport, there was one heat setting on the faucets— HOT.)

And I did all the dishes today. Best pasta ever for dinner and I started cleaning up, then was too lazy to leave things in the sink and spent half an hour washing and drying all the dishes.

It was fun.

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