Monday, March 12, 2012

Clouds of All Sorts


I feel a bit depressed and a bit angry and a bit annoyed. A sort of depressed annoyance. I'm definitely just tired.

We had a long ride today— stopped in Queenstown to look at the view and took a gondola up to see the view.

Stunning. Deep blue sea with a tinge of green. Peninsulas, two of them, jutting out of the land. Filled with houses, but mostly just green. And mountains. And clouds. 

I love clouds so so so much. They're big and fluffy, sometimes a bit stringy here in New Zealand. 

There were no clouds in Tibet. The stark blue of the sky was amazing against the brown tan of the mountains, but I missed the clouds. I didn't know I'd missed them until Nepal, when they were big cumulous clouds. It was sunset and they were just turning pink, and then there was the river, coursing through the hills.

I love sunsets too. The red of it. They're no fun if there aren't clouds, though. Somehow without the light playing off of the clouds in pink and red and yellow and dark blue and purple a sunset just isn't that interesting.

I haven't seen many sunrises— just one, in Thailand— I got bored of it after about… fifteen minutes? I don't know why. It was beautiful. The sky was turning from cotton candy pink to that serene blue you get on a summer day, and the southern breeze was pushing the clouds across the sky. The bigger ones started off some sort of charcoal gray, making an amazing backdrop for the white ones when the sun came further up.

But somehow, maybe because I didn't have a camera, it just wasn't that interesting.

Sunset and sunrising must require some sort of mood I didn't have that day.

Hmm. Perhaps this sounds depressing. It's a bit interesting to think about.

We were driving into Te Anau (I always, always think that has something to do with "I love you," but I haven't yet figured out what it means in Maori), and clouds everywhere, and the hills (or perhaps they're mountains), with the green, green, green grass. And sheep. Thousands of sheep, and it's not an exaggeration.

Cattle, too. And even reindeer.

I think I like the cows the most. They're more placid. 

The sheep have been sheared, mostly, but every once in a while there's one that looks like it has tight ropes of wool hanging off it. They're all grazing. Some lay down and crop the grass (and this goes for both sheep and cattle).

The reindeer are more skittish. We stopped to take a picture— one had a foreleg lifted, watching Dad like he was some alien.

When he lowered his hands from taking the picture, at least three bounded away.

They relaxed when he started to walk away.

Is this their nature? Or are they just take, not domesticated yet?

I could mention the clouds again. But it would be redundant to mention how spectacular they looked.

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