Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Camper Vanning

I've coined a phrase. Perhaps I'm not the origanl coiner, but I haven't heard 'camper vanning' from anyone else.

It's a blur how we got out of the house. Quick packing, moving everything to the car. I bumped both left shin and right temple on the car. Both hurt but I forget about them until twelve hours later. Now the shin aches a bit to make sure I remember I have a beautiful purple bruise.


We rented the van from Wendekreisen Travel, and handed in all the bags and groceries fireman fashion, hand to hand to hand, saying the names of each object to make placing easier for Mom. And to make sure the clowns didn't manhandle fragile things like eggs and glass jars.

It's big and small at the same time. I like how small it is, but at the same time I feel like there's ten thousand things that should be done to make it feel roomier.

The back is all window and I choose the best vantage point to see as much as possible of everything.

I love the clouds and seeing the brand new houses pass by. Everything makes me feel a bit philosophical, thinking over the sequel to yesterday's book and disjointed ideas for my house.

They're all disjointed. When I finally managed to put something together in Google SketchUp I forgot about a bathroom and I couldn't figure out where to put the stairs. I know the dimensions of the house but I don't know the dimensions of the furniture or the doors so I might be trying to stick something much too big is something way too small. It doesn't matter, but at the same time it does because I can't imagine the house properly.

So as I'm looking at the scenery and feeling very happy and a bit carsick from the winding roads we've moved on to while I've been thinking, I decide just to lie down and close my eyes. I almost fall asleep, and sleep is good. I probably don't get as much as I should anyway.

We stop at a huge camper parking/ cabin rental area. Three go off to whale watching, but Ileana and I stay in the avn. I read the last book in the trilogy, enjoying the feeling reading about the Irish. They sound like such a comfy people. I like comfy people. I want to get this sort of feeling in Paa'nik.

I can't help thinking I should read French or psychology. I haven't done any REAL school for four and  ahlaf months. THere's so many things to do that school makes me shudder. Perhaps if we'd spent more time in Bottle Beach I'd have found school the most interesting and would have thrown myself into it. But we left and internet popper up. Now I feel like I should but I'm afraid I'll just be wasting time.

Stupid outlook, but I can't help if it is.

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