Saturday, February 25, 2012

Talks and Waiters

I can't believe it's February 25th! It's now been two months since Christmas, which is interesting. Tomorrow is our last full day at Bottle Beach… I'll probably spend all day in the water.

I'm really glad to be going to a colder climate, though I don't know why. I like the warmth. I have a tan and yesterday's sunburn is immeasurably better— every time I raised my eyebrows I got this searing pain in the wrinkles on my forehead and nose.

And then today I had a long talk with Chris about everything from school to books to my writing— and then got interviewed. It's a bit easier to get interviewed than I thought it would be, but I think if I had to watch myself I'd be writhing in agony from how stupid I look.

Just before lunch I had a long talk (perhaps a listen?) with Mom about me when I was smaller— mostly things I knew but that were more nuanced now.

We also watched Tootsie tonight, and saw a tad of the extras. Dustin Hoffman was talking about how he was treating while he was acting as Dorothy Michaels— he'd get introduced to people off set as a woman, and after the basic introductions, he'd just sort of be ignored. And he actually started tearing up while he was talking about this.

Things have probably changed since the 80s, but somehow I think some things are the same. It's so important to be beautiful when you're a woman.

I'm only halfway through the word count needed for this, and my mind is literally a blank. I hate it when I draw a blank like this because it's not a real blank. It's not a blank where I really don't have anything to say. It's a blank where— "I can't put that down because it's really not on topic," sort of blank. I think it's also the reason I'm glad to be leaving Bottle Beach.

One of the waiters got really tetchy with Mom a few days ago over breakfast— she ordered an American breakfast and started detailing what kind of eggs she wanted, and the guy wasn't paying attention or Mom wasn't clear enough and he took down American breakfast and scrambled eggs, mango juice, etc, instead of American breakfast with scrambled eggs.

Kai, when he gets tetchy, becomes the antithesis what is— and this sounds bad— expected from a waiter. You kind of expect a waiter to take your order and melt away and reappear when you want him. So it was a bit of a culture shock just coming to Bottle Beach, where the waiters refuse to be invisible. They'll start singing random things off key, spinning trays, playing guitar… ask how you slept, shout out your order to make sure you're really the one who ordered it…

So part of the reason is going somewhere where the waiters are invisible again and where you're don't jump every time Kai has a bad day.  (You can tell because his eyes get wide and set.)

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