Friday, February 24, 2012


Romanians taste like bubble gum. Grecians taste like grease. Turks taste like turkey. French taste like freckles.

The beginning of this discussion stemmed from the fact that the kids are reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. Giants, of course, eat children. And each child has a specific taste. Upon learning that children from Greece are greasy, I asked them what French taste like, what Australians taste like (chewy), and what Romanians taste like.

Apparently we're of the bubble gum variety.

Finished Around the World in 80 Days and started Oliver Twist. Makes me wonder if everyone was as cruel as Oliver's encountering, or if it's just there for literary purposes. There must be some sort of limit!

Haven't written for a couple of days now. It's a bit relaxing, playing with three to five kids all at the same time. Of course, when they all decide to accost you at the pool, and your brother and sister act as if they don't know any better… but I'll stop there.

I have sun burn all over my face, and the rest of me is a very dark tan. I'm not black yet, but I'm approaching it.

Trying to figure out our August and September programs… hopefully everything will work out according to plan.

I'm tired but I don't feel like sleeping. Today felt like a really long day, even though it flew by. It's just that this morning feels like ages ago.

I don't know… that doesn't make sense— in a way, it was a very short day, and in another way it was a very long day.

After lunch we all headed in to nap a bit or read. I sat out on one of the beach chairs— a big, solid mass of wood that is at a fixed incline— and started reading Oliver Twist. At Chapter 8 or so I was so tired I closed the iPod and closed my eyes. I could feel myself falling asleep— it's one of the coolest things.

Your eyes close and you get a bit drowsy, and every once in a while it's like your head drops down another level. At one point you feel a sort of twitch— maybe you'll feel it once or twice— and for a second or two you think how stupid you must look twitching.

But then you're asleep and you wake up and your bottom's all sore from sitting on a hard wooden beach recliner… thing.

The sun burn on my forehead is terrible. I spent three hours in the pool this morning (bad idea) and didn't. Have. Sunscreen. On.

I had my Coolibar on, but no hat. Tomorrow that will not happen.

So every time I raise my eyebrows I get this shooting pain through all the wrinkles.

It's so cool to think I have wrinkles in a way. Hope I feel that way when I'm 30. Or 20… getting concentration wrinkles.

Anyway, goodnight and goodnight!

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