Monday, February 27, 2012


Today was a stressful day.

Not the beginning. THAT was fantastic. I woke up at 6:20am and watched about 20 minutes o sunrise before I lost patience with it and went to pack my bag. I love how quickly this stuff is accomplished, but I'd love to know how my backpack has so much stuff in it.

Things are looking well in the 'name day present' realm of things— hopefully they'll actually occur!

We swam/dove/belly-flopped with Toby (happy 5th, Mister!), Oliver, Cosette, Sophie, and Chris, and when Banjo and Jill came in I whisked away the baby and got to cuddle him for perhaps half an hour. He is SO darling. Repacked the bag without the 'bathers' this time (iPod thinks that should be naggers?)

Taxi boat with little Jessica, who has to head to nursery school even if she's just 3.

Then a long boat ride to Suryathani and a bus ride to the train station and made an acquaintance with Irish Andy, who's traveling the world for five months (went from NJ to Montreal and freaked me out a bit by asking where in the USA, where in NY, and where in 'upstate' before we'd fully exchanged countries). He works in a hostel in Germany and took time off to travel.

Stopped at Wut Restaurant and waited there three hours till 8 PM, eating croissants and fried rice and drinking a coconut shake that was fresh coconut (as opposed to dry, which has the flavor most people are familiar with).

Then, as they were closing, we moved to the train station across the street.

Sometimes I find it funny how I get caught up in these worlds and completely forget about the most important details of the day. I guess they're too big to impress upon my mind.

Yesterday they set off fireworks and we talked till 10:30pm about all sorts of things. HUGE fireworks and very close. Coolest fireworks ever because it was a a short show and I didn't have to move anywhere.

Today Ileana jerked back and shattered Ioan's iPod touch screen as we were waiting for the train. A bit of duct tape has prevented the shards from really spilling out, and the iPod still functions, even though a fifth of its screen looks like a shattered window. It's ridiculous how hardy these things are!

And in other really cool news, I can put half my hair up into an inch-long pony tail! The other half forms bangs/fringe. By the end of August I'll have proper hair again! I want to grow it out long again, but I have to get past the shoulder-length stage without losing my patience with it. It always looks terrible shoulder-length. Maybe I'll get layers.

Ahem. You all don't care abotu my hair-do plans, but it's part of what I'm thinking of today.

Our train to Penang leaves at 1:26 am. I don't think there's enough room on these stone benches to sleep.

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