Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The music at Bottle Beach has been fixed. The speakers or something haven't been working for the past couple of days, and now they are.

The waiters seem to be celebrating the now-functioning internet and speakers by playing music at volumes loud enough to keep someone awake.

And there is a group of Americans talking just outside the door. I'm going to go get the bathing suits in and then I'm going to figure out just what they're doing there.

Never mind. They're at the back window, on their own porch, and it's not their fault if they think the entire Bottle Beach Resort is awake. The music would keep anyone awake.

I've been reading all of Lucy Maud Montgomery's short stories over the past three or four days. I like the romantic ones best, but her style is lovely. I've absorbed it, but after this I'll be going back and finishing the Odyssey.

And then my Romanian books and everything else. Then I'll read whatever it is I like again, but I have to finish the Romanian books or I never will. I had the bad luck of picking out a book with no plot I can figure out at the moment, and it's a bore. I might switch books if I thought I could find another, because I'm really not in the mood for a boring book.

I tried to wake up early this morning, but I think my circadian rhythm's changed. I had an alarm at 6:45am and woke up to it, then I fell asleep until 7:44. Ioan already had the computer by then, so I lounged and read until 8:30.

I have book reviews to write, now I think of it. I didn't really see a plot in the Aeneid, and The Odyssey at the moment is just dragging on. I'm at Book 17 or so of 24, and Ulysses still isn't home properly. The story, of course, is fascinating, but I do wish the author would get to the point. Telemachus isn't interesting at all.

Had a talk with a woman from San Francisco at the pool today. She was reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Folley, I think, and between trying to figure out the name of the book and leaving, we had a nice discussion about books and schoolwork and Thailand.

I say discussion, but mostly I talked. I'm starved for conversation. The moment I have proper internet access I'm going to hunt up Helen and we're going to have a very long conversation on pointless subjects. 

I've decided not to touch the internet during the island stay in Thailand— I told everyone I wasn't going to have internet for three weeks and I planned for three weeks with no internet.

I suppose I should use that one hour's worth, but… I can't bring myself to do it. I could have told Dad that, but by the time he'd bought it it was a bit late.

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