Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Random

I finished The Odyssey today! Pretty interesting, though I think I might have liked to know more about Ulysses' adventures than about his revenge on Penelope's suitors. 

Then again, about a third of the Odyssey is preoccupied with the suitors. All in all, when you hear about Ulysses, the story of Penelope's tapestry and the sirens and the Cyclopes are all enlarged so that you think that's what the Odyssey's about— the scene where Ulysses slays the suitors of Penelope is a bit of an afterthought. In the epic, about a third of the book is preoccupied with the suitors and Telemachus' (Ulysses' son) misadventures.

That said, Samuel Butler, whose translation I read, sometimes had the funniest passages. 'Rosy-fingered dawn,' 'thus they conversed,' and a few ironical sentences that sound so modern, even if the translation is about a hundred ten years old. I can't recall them now because they were more at the beginning.

But this isn't supposed to be a review of The Odyssey. I started Around the World in 80 Days, which I'm never sure if I read or not, and I whizzed through The Importance of Being Earnest last night and this morning, (which I love. Cucumber sandwiches, Bunburying, and muffins. As well as Cecily and Gwendolen, who are absolutely lovely idiotic).

Since I'm at chapter 12 of 80 Days, I know for a fact I've read it before. Which is a bit of a pity, but it's the only book on the list of Oscar winning movies that I can read.

Had a talk with Mom and Dad today about schoolwork. The gist of it is— you learn for the sake of learning. It inspired me enough to watch some physics videos, but then Oliver, Cozette, and Toby passed by and I actually went and put on my wet bathing suit and let myself be toppled into the waves by four very excited kids. Ioan, of course, was not to be left out.

Oliver, Cozette and Toby are three of five kids of a family that's just come to Bottle Beach. Oliver and Cozette are eight, Toby is turning five next week, Banjo is ten months, and Sophie is eight as well. They're traveling South East Asia for twelve months with their parents, Chris and Jill, and moving more slowly than us— but that makes it a bit more like a vacation, which makes it highly commendable.

Anyway, they were splashing about and trying to dunk each other, so I said, "Try and dunk me."

Always a bad idea. For about half an hour I was attacked from all sides, 'chucking' and picking up and tickling and making sure Toby could still touch the bottom (I had to escape a bit somehow!). Afterward I talked to their dad about our trips and schoolwork— they have a bit more relaxed homeschooling, but then they have years to make up this material, and they've had more life experiences in their three months of trip than we've had in our four and a half.

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