Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

A leap day means a lot of things. A new year cycle. The Summer Olympics. American elections. An extra day in the shortest month of the year.

This year it meant traveling all day. I finished my Nora Roberts romance at 1am and then fell asleep. The alarm was at 6 so I'd be able to finish The Children's Book and exchange it. I woke up at 10:30. We hurried to eat (Chinese buffet, by the way, is nicer than Indian or Malay— more known)— rice, sweet and sour pork or beef, some vegetables… quick food because we were hurrying to the BOOK EXCHANGE to find a book to exchange for Ice Station. I hadn't even started The Children's Book.

Got out of the hotel and walked (~slowly) to a tower where we got the bus and read Getting Rid of Matthew. It's amazing how much you can read while moving— read about 70 pages yesterday while walking the streets— reading only during the stops. We mostly walked.

Penang airport was quick. I still love the security in these countries. 

Reached Kuala Lumpur and finished the Matthew book. It was bought only because of its title. Those of us who know Tae Kwon Do and the irrepressible Matthew will laugh. This Matthew was just as infuriating if not more. Spineless liar he was.

AND… finished Stories for Parents, Children, and Grandchildren by Paulo Coelho (who is in all the airport book stores in scads). I started it in Kerala.

It's such a rush to finish books. I love it.

Waited in the airport for hours. Ate KFC and played UZU on the iPad with a few Malaysian children who were fascinated.

Uzu is a game where you use your fingers to manipulate small particles on the screen. The method of manipulation depends on the number of fingers you use. It's fantastic if a bit boring after a minute, unless you've a) never seen an iPad b) don't have the capabilities to understand any other game. It's fantastic for a group of kids because the game doesn't block up when you have more than one finger on the Pad.

Check in took ages. They had one counter for most of it, and then added a second one about 80 minutes before take off.

Check in at AirAsia, by the way, closes about 60 minutes before take off. It actually did while we were still checking in.

Checked out a candy store and a book store before getting on the plane in a rush. Photographed book covers because there was no other time to remember all the titles. Ran, though it hurt the bottom of my shins ('rug' burns from itching mosquito bites are more painful than the ites themselves), onto the plane.

DOUBLE BOOKING. Two New Zealanders purchased 3 seats and were rather rude about proving it. Felt a bit manipulated by one of them. He could have been ten times more diplomatic instead of acting as if he had all the solutions.

Ah well. It was a laugh.

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