Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chilis and Peppers

Everyone today thought it was yesterday.

We were all trying to figure out what day it is. Tomorrow Toby turns five, so I went to Ileana and said, "Ileana, draw something for Toby for his fifth birthday."

She came up with kitty daFox characters, and I swear she thinks I'm normally drunk or something— because I have a teacup and I look drunk on it. Chris thought I was giving a toast, so that's perfect… but still.

I regret having told her to use her judgement. That said, kitty, as usual, came out perfect.

We were in the pool and I got to mother Banjo a bit and play with him in the pool. He is so sweet and so babyish and I just love it.

I also copied the interview Chris took from me? Took of me? (The semantics are dodgy) and I'm proud to say I only had one 'um' in the first three minutes. I didn't watch the other seven because I got bored of watching myself, but I don't look stupid.

Always a plus.

Reverting back to kitty daFox a moment, Jill says it should be published.

I have my doubts about that, since publishing is nuts, but… it's a nice thought.

At dinner we kind of all were at two tables very close to each other, just talking.

I made the huge mistake of ordering fried rice with pork in curry.

My fried rice seemed to have an entire pepper plant shaken into it (at least twenty full grains of pepper), six green chilis, and six red chilis.

I took out all the chilis and all the pepper and ordered another steamed rice to mix with the half of the rice I hadn't eaten yet and thus neutralize the spiciness of it. I might have been able to keep eating it, but my stomach was churning and so I just ordered a plain yogurt and relieved my poor burning lips (See, it was the lips that were painful, not my poor tongue).

AND, besides all that, I had what looked like a full plate of rice in my plate.

It is so terrible to leave so much food on my plate. I seriously think that if my stomach hadn't been so crazy, I would have finished it just to keep from having to look at that full plate.

Still reading Oliver Twist and I just want to skip all this painful part and get to the nice bits. I fortified myself for Oliver Twist with Pride & Prejudice. I can't believe I ever thought it moved slowly! The first five chapters have so much action in them and so much happens that you're kind of amazed by Mrs. Bennet (you always are, but that's not the point). And it's wonderful to re-meet Darcy and Bingley and all the others. I love this novel and it's just so wonderful to be rereading it again. Slowly, of course, because of Oliver Twist and The Absentee, but… it's nice.

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