Monday, January 9, 2012


 One of the hardest things to do in the world is sitting in a car all day, with the wind blowing in your hair, a comfortable outside temperature…

Squished against three other family members who all are getting just as wide-bottomed as you are, who all want just as much space as you want, and have just as sharp elbows as you have.

The wind blowing in your hair also blows into your face… and that means your eyes stay half-closed throughout four hours of driving from Mysore to Bangalore. And outside, which would be a comfortable temperature without wind… is windy because you're traveling at high speeds.

After four hours of torture (I haven't yet mentioned the stiff-leggedness that comes from sitting in small cars) we arrive at Bangalore's small airport, where it takes us about two hours to get on the plane.

(The amount of Steve Jobs and Asterix & Obelix books at the bookshop just past security was, however, amazing.)

It was astounding to see that we were allowed with water and liquids without ever having them checked. On the other hand, cricket bats aren't allowed on the plane.

Once on the plane, our captain informed us that Kerala airport would be closed till 3:20 pm (about 15 minutes after we were due to arrive), and because of this he would be flying around in circles over Kerala, so that we could see "God's Own Country, Kerala," from the air.

It should have been, "Those of you on the right side of the plane close to the windows will be able to see green trees."

I was on the aisle, by the way… and had no chance whatsoever to see Kerala from the air.

Once we arrived at Kochi's airport, Dad took off to find money and a taxi that would take us 5km outside of the Kochi.

Between the time we got the bags and found Dad, however, we'd changed the plan and decided that we'd drive straight to Kerala (it's confusing, I know), which would take about two hours.

It is bad to be in a car for four hours first thing in the morning, but it is worse to be in a car for two hours after sitting down all day. With our knees scrunched up to our chins in a car smaller than the one before, we drove all the way to Kerala, where we indulged in air conditioning for an hour or two before heading to the Harbor Restaurant— walking to get oranges and bananas, then taking a bumpy road by tuk-tuk, crossing over CULLEN bridge.

The restaurant was small, full, and, in the day time, affords a view of the beach. After waiting about fifteen minutes to sit down, and then another 45 minutes for our food (which, sadly, I couldn't finish), we took a tuk-tuk back home, tried to adjust between the living room and bedroom temperature (hot… freezing), and then, to bed!

Also… there is what we assume a gecko in our room.

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