Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today's Experience

The first thing I did this morning was turn off my alarm and then turn over.

The next thing I did was curse at myself for turning over— I'd slept in an extra half hour. It's never fun to set a goal for yourself and 'break' it on the very first day.

So I started off the day woefully behind by 15 minutes, which I never quite made up. However, I got 6 out of 7 priorities done, which is always amazing— I like this set prioritization.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to read French and sort of understand the idioms, or the manners of speech. (I got caught up in buton d'or, which literally means gold button, but is translated as buttercup in the English version. Intersting).

After French, I scraped together 3 dictionary entries, finished the short story I had for Paa'nik. AND… the rewrite of Chapter 1 is finished, as is one video and a few dares.

With my 'personal' life out of the way…

We headed toward breakfast for some of the best orange juice ever, as well as fantastic toast with bacon or ham and eggs. Even if I don't like eggs and didn't touch them, the toast and orange juice were good. I couldn't appreciate the ham fully.

We went to the Butterfly Caves. They're lit by fluorescent bulbs in various colors. Parts are sculpted to look like a very interesting stalagtite or stalagmite (remember, stalagtites are on the top). Certain tunnels are man-made, but meld almost seamlessly into the rest of the cave. A certain tunnel has a sculpted butterfly.

We were followed by a group of Chinese containing 3 children. There is no thing as a quiet group of Chinese. They seem to jabber and talk— and since everyone understands the need to jabber  and what they're saying, well, there's no need to quiet down.

We passed through a tunnel of bells at one point.

There was a renting area for hammers, but we skipped that used our knuckles or our umbrellas.

Tangent here on umbrellas: THEY ARE TERRIBLE. They should be outlawed. If you rest it closed on your shoulder it will poke someone's eye out. If you have it open no one can see in front of you. If you hold it up your arm gets tired. If you hang it on your arm your arm gets tired. If you open it you suddenly scare four people out of their wits.

But past that.

We walked home for 3km. No one else was.

It's interesting to be stared at because you're walking.

But then, we're probably a spectacle. One guy in grey with a beard speckled with white. Three people of various sizes in bright red. One of them has an umbrella, another is singing Romanian marching songs. A third is staring at the pavement. The fifth person is in black, with a blue and white checkered umbrella.

We're in single file, and we look wonderfully ridiculous.

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