Thursday, January 19, 2012


The last time we saw rain was in Japan.

It sounds really weird to my ears to realize that we're in China and the last time we saw rain was in Japan.

Since China is the second country, Japan doesn't seem so far away.  (We think of events by countries and cities instead of months nowadays… and China is very close to Japan.)

But that's not the point. Geography has nothing to do with the aspect of rain that I'm going to tackle.

The last time we saw rain we were in Kyoto, Japan.

Dad and Ioan headed out on bicycle to try and figure out if it was possible to fix one of the tires on one of the other bicycles so that we could tour Japan. They also wanted to know how much a rented bicycle would cost. (The answer? Too much. We didn't rent bicycles.)

A thunderstorm started while they were gone (or maybe it was just a rainstorm?). The point is, when they came back into our small Japanese apartment, they were thoroughly soaked.

Everything they wore was… practically marinated in water.

The iPhone in Dad's Scottevest, by the way, was dry as a desert. Which is always nice.

Since that day in Kyoto, however, we have not seen rain.

There was no rain in Beijing while we were there. Tibet is so high up and so dry that rain would probably be either a miracle or a curse… and most definitely a freak of nature.

Nepal, though misty and foggy in the mornings, had no idea what rain looked like any more.

India was too dry to expect anything but fog and oppressing heat.

And we weren't expecting any rain, I don't think, in South China either.

BUT… yesterday as we were eating breakfast we looked outside to sheets of rain coming down on the roof across from us.

It stopped by the time we finished breakfast (rotten timing, eh?). We headed toward the Butterfly Caves, where we were sheltered from any rain that might dare pour through the clouds.

And it didn't rain at all for the entire rest of the day.

While in Guangzhou, however, as we were heading out to find a restaurant where a meal didn't cost 40 yuan, it started sprinkling.

It wouldn't have been so bad if we'd had something to block the rain out, or something over our heads so that the droplets wouldn't cloud up our glasses…

But then again, rain is soothing. And it's quiet. And it was much warmer all around us when it rained.

So, all in all… to wrap up this post… I like rain. I like the smell it has. I like how it makes things warmer.

I don't like how it's all wet when I don't have an umbrella. I  don't like the fact that it forces me to wear a raincoat or hold an umbrella (those things, I swear, are a menace). 

But I do like rain.

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