Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Overnight Buses

Overnight buses are a pain, in some ways, and quite interesting in others.

Our first step was to get to Mapusa (pronounced Mahp-sah) with our luggage. After an awkward half hour with our landladies as we waited for our driver to show up and take us to Mapusa, we finally got up and walked to the front gate, where we waited for another five minutes for Anand.

We took a carrier bus to Panaji, crowded with a few other people going to various other locations in India. After getting off the carrier bus, we wait in what seems to be a parking lot (but is really just a detour off the road, full of people and buses and people trying to find their specific bus. When our bus shows up, we pack our things into the back, take the badminton rackets we got for Christmas with us, and find our beds, which are right at the front of the bus. Ioan and I decide to share, we arrange ourselves comfortably, and start reading or watching videos.

Now it's time for an interesting observation: Whenever something moves— pretty bumpily too, I tend to fall asleep. I managed to stay awake until 10:30pm, finishing my quota of Agnes Grey for the day, and then promptly fell asleep.

I didn't wake up except after two dreams (both nice— I dreamt we were heading home after two or three months for a quick visit of two weeks, and then something about a piano recital and Romanian songs), and I slept great throughout the entire night, even if it was really cold and all our coats were in the back of the bus.

Ileana and Ioan, however, slept terribly— Ioan had light coming into his eyes all the time, I was sleeping in the bed with him (I am a terrible bed fellow), Ileana was cold and thus only slept about an hour (her words).

Now… I was cold, and I had only a skirt, whereas they had pants on, and I was shaken around just as much as they were… but they just simply couldn't stay asleep. I find this interesting— maybe it was because while I was in Goa I didn't sleep as much as I should have (4-7 hours a night… but that'll get fixed as we start moving again), or maybe it's just that I fall asleep in the most turbulent of conditions, no matter how much sleep I get.

So when we had to decide with what we'd go to Mysore, I was up for going by overnight bus rather than SUV (the train was full). EVERYONE ELSE voted for a car, thus wasting our entire day.

I suppose they're not like me at all! I would have loved to stay on those leather pillows with the windows open, freezing cold in a pretty narrow bed, jostled from side to side. It's ridiculously comfortable. Much better than being cooped up in an SUV for 9 hours in the daytime!

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