Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Kerala is hot and humid. The ocean is warm, but the waves at the beach we went to today are so strong they can sweep a grown man off his feet. (We saw it happen more than once).

Our apartment at what I think is Tharavad Guesthouse is large— there is a main room, which has no mosquito netting and has two long, rectangular 'holes' in the wall— presumely for built-in airconditioning. The main room splits off into three more rooms— the 'kitchen' (which leads into a bathroom), and two bedrooms, both of which have a queen-sized bed and adjoining bathrooms.

Though there is a fan in each room and an AC in both bedrooms, the temperature can fluctuate from tropical to arctic, depending on whether or not the AC is on, whether or not a door is open, what time of the day it is, etc. If the AC is on and one of us in the kids' bedroom wants to go to the parents' bedroom, we must pass from a cool temperature through blazing humidity and heat, and then back to a cool temperature that suddenly seems freezing.

We haven't seen much of Kerala yet, mostly because we've only been here a day, but from what we've seen so far, we know a couple of things:

1) The Harbor Restaurant is lovely. You wait 40 minutes for your food. When you order, you're famished. Naturally the beer and peanuts come 40 minutes before the food does, and by the time the food does show up, you're full. (Hence, I cannot finish my food. It's terrible.)

2) The waves. Are. Huge. And the water is warm. I sat on the beach watching the waves and reading, because I didn't want to get int othe water.

3) Tharavad is close enough that we can walk to the beach in fifteen minutes or less. When you're not sweating like a pig, it's refreshing and relaxing exercise. You mostly always sweat. When you are sweating, there is a lovely view of pitch darkness (always interesting) or goats. I like the goats.

4) One of the bathrooms doesn't seem to have a hot water faucet. Though the water coming out of the COLD faucet isn't cold, persay, it's not warm either. There is also no tub anywhere in the house. I miss bathtubs.

5) Having a day of leisure does not at all contribute to productivity. It is much better to be unfailingly busy than to have nothing to do for a day.

6) Blog posts are hard to think of. They are harder to write. It is also hard to remember what one did two weeks ago.

7) Spring is one of the nicest seasons. It is not terribly hot or humid, and it is not cold either. I enjoy spring. I don't like fall because it's too messy.

Yes… I've gotten off track. But like I said, productivity is nearly nonexistant when you have a leisure day, and today was a leisure day.

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