Monday, January 16, 2012


After five weeks of blissful heat in India (with the exception of the wait in the Delhi train station for three hours that rivaled Tibet at times), we weren't ready to go back to China.

China is cold. China isn't near the equator. China doesn't have colorful sarees.

And so on and so forth. But the worst part is the cold. We went from skirts and sandals and wishing for short dresses to wishing for a winter coat while bundled up in three to four layers.

I alone was wearing a thick pair of socks (any more and I wouldn't have fit in my shoes), leg warmers, leggings (the punjabi bottoms), pants, short-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved shirt, Scottevest, and Marmot. And my icebreaker hat, the sarong at the beach by way of a scarf, and gloves.

And still chattering with cold if I stayed still too long.

We're drinking hot water again (I missed this hot water in Nepal! I missed it because you could boil it and in a moment have sterilized, hot water), we're hearing Chinese again (I used to like the sound of it… but not after Hindi— it's too tonal after Hindi).

I have ideas for a blog post… ideas for fleshing out my worlds… and I'm running through them as we hike up 800 stairs to the Moon Palace— a hole in a mountain that looks like the full 'moom.'

And it's cold. It's about 5-6°C, which translates into 41 to 43°F. It's not nearly as cold as it was in Tibet, thank God— I don't think we'd survive otherwise— and it's going to get warmer as we go to Hong Kong, but at the moment I'm just praying my body doesn't get sick from the sudden temperature change.

When we came back home from the Galápagos, after just two weeks in the sunshine, and walked to the car in New York's November cold, we were sick for weeks afterward. I think we had the sniffles well into December.

We have electric blankets on the beds that make me want to go to sleep… even though I know I couldn't possibly be sleepy. I slept at least 4 hours in the airport, at least 3 hours more in the plane. I've done well on 7 hours before, and I have things I want to catch up on, things I want to do.

But the electric blanket is warm, and on top of the electric blanket I'm in my sleeping bag, and on top of that is a comforter. And now just thinking about it I'm getting sweaty. I'll probably crawl out of my sleeping bag before I go to bed so that when I wake up in the morning things don't seem so cold.

I can't wait for the equator! I want to put on my dress again and just go walking around barefoot. Winter's overrated. There's not even any snow here to make up for the COLD!

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  1. Dear Maria. You should have not disposed of the winter clothes. I remember that you have donated stuff , particularly winter stuff. Any how I hope you will survive the cold. And you'll go back to your ambitious schedule, but adjust it to give yourself a little time to enjoy life outside the world of books. On the other hand I want to thank you for tons of things that you may not even know. For now just to let you know that I have logged about 2 - 3 hrs in 39 consecutive days on K Acad( the math part. I am at algebra athird of the way). I have read some of the History. He is interesting but my main thing is Math).No I am not logged on KA , I do the whole thing off line. And inspired by you , again off line I am at my day 15 of "blogging" Well some times I have no idea of what to write about and I go back to thought that I need to develop. So , this is for now. The World as know it has a miriad of facets. Well you could physically travel . But also you could read and build a world almost parralel with the real one. Not exactly virtual.Thanks a lot . Stay with it. Don't get too discoraged. Just scale down a little bit. A propos of timers I experimented with it and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. I could do more and more things. , acomplish more tasks. The most enjoyable for me is the KA. I just love it. Thanks.You don't know how much I have to thank you. Beyond words.I read every single of your entries. I have comments on each one of them. I just make mental notes. And sometimes, as for instance now the spigot turns on to the max and here I go. Warmest regards. I'll see you next time ER Western NY USA