Friday, January 6, 2012


On the last day in Nepal, while hurrying up and down three flights of stairs in order to eat breakfast, make our bags, tell people the food was ready… grab the Nutella (have I ever mentioned our recent obsession with Nutella?)… etc.


While buttering my slices of toast and spreading jam on them, Mom was talking to a young Asian woman in her early twenties about writing and our travels. Mom introduced me, and we talked a bit about writing blog posts (here's a secret: writing about traveling is hard), gave her our card (we're that cool!), and said goodbye, hurrying down three flights of stairs to check underneath our beds, shake out the sheets, and in general make sure that important things like plastic spoons and razors were not forgotten. 

Of course we headed to the airport, got on the plane… went to New Delhi, Agra, Goa… and now we're in Mysore (my- soh-reh), at the Railway Museum's playground, having spent a lovely hour or so looking at trains and playing on the seesaw and the slide and the whirly-chair thing which would be banned in America due to safety reasons. (By the way, today was a very… very relaxing, productive day with enjoyable activities).

As we were getting ready to leave and head to the market (by the way, we saw flowers there! Everywhere! And learned how incense sticks are made! And mounds of powdered color!), I hear a "Hi!"

Turning around… and there is Lindsey (or Lindsay? We never managed to exchange name spellings).

Please note that we were last in Nepal December 15th, and that we had never planned to ever meet again. It was one of those chance encounters that you think of for maybe a while (at least, that's what we did, as we couldn't exactly check up on Lindsey, as she didn't have a blog), but then tend to forget.

And all of a sudden, here in Mysore (a truly unfortunate name for native English speakers), at a railway playground, is Lindesy! Coming up behind her is a woman she met in India, who apparently lives in the same town as her! She is half Japanese and half Welsh, loves monkeys, and is fascinated by trains. Unfortuantely, we could not remember her name. This saddens us. 

After having a long discussion about what to see in Hampi (they were heading towards Hampi), and what to see in Kerala (we were heading towards Kerala), they realized that they actually needed to hurry in order to see the rest of the museum, and we realized that we needed to hurry in order to see the market before it got dark.

After the market, we ate Domino's Pizza (with oregano, choco lava cake, and butterscotch mousse).

While traveling is hard at times, it's also ridiculously rewarding. At home we never would have enjoyed such a day— all of us would have been on our own agenda.

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