Friday, January 27, 2012

Catching Up

As my dad said a few days ago, this will be an 'uninspired' post. It's about my challenges, which I've fallen behind on in more ways than one—  about the catching up I'm doing— the plan.

In case you don't care about that, we'll be in Cambodia tomorrow and you'll be able to read something of general interest, like what Cambodia looks like and first impressions of Angkor Wat. So stick around?

I had five things to catch up on: 

1) Writing — 30,000 words to write by the end of January in order to stay on track, in these areas:

- Riddle Rose's chapters are being edited slowly but surely. By the end of January I expect to have Chapters 1-8 edited, and chapter 9 posted, as well as Chapter 10 written. It's lovely to be editng and making the story as good as it can be before moving on!

- Pirate Prince is a rewrite of NaNo'09. I'd changed up the story a bit, as the original was ridiculous. But then, after I'd reached chapter six, I realized it still felt too juvenile. And I decided to completely change the focus of the story, changing the main character from Edward to Cornelia, changing the starting point of the story, etc. I'm currently on Chapter 2 and I'm putting it off until I finish Riddle Rose.

- Short stories: Still need to catch up on these… I've got a story promised to Jacob that I haven't gotten around to because I wasn't interested in it… so I'll be figuring out how to add interest to it myself so I can write it.

2) Reading — Both in French and Romanian, I was behind. I'm still behind, but I'm close to getting on track in French, and in Romanian I'll be finishing the books in February. I'll be on track with French by the end of January (at the very latest, by the 4th of February), and I'll be in track with my Romanian books at the end of March at the latest.

3) Dictionary entries — I'm creating my own language, and since I want to be able to someday write snippets of my books in that language, (called Pakevi), I decided to write a dictionary entry a day (on average, of course). Today I wrote eight of them in an unprecedented bout of inspiration. So I'm ahead in this.

4) Writing Dares — I have a website, , with writing dares— reading these over always gives me lovely ideas for crazy, insane stories. The good part is that they're just crazy enough to lend an air of vibrancy to the story— I never quite manage to make them as crazy as the dares would suggest. Since I decided to upload a dare per day, I've scheduled posts up to February 2nd, which means I don't have to worry about it for a while.

5) Taekwondo Forms — … I'm woefully behind. Practice is needed.

By the end of February and/or March, I should be on track with everything. YAY!

Thanks for reading!

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