Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Art of Relaxation

Skipping over the fact that the title is… presumptious and sort of pointless, today we relaxed.

Relaxation is an art.

It's one of those arts that only very few people can master.

I am not one of them. If there is something I should be doing, I can put it off by procrastinating on the internet or rereading books, but I cannot stay still and do nothing.

I can if there's some sort of bet involved— once when I was little my dad said he'd give me an extra hour of computer time if I could sit unmoving on a chair for half an hour without speaking.

I think I counted a lot, and valiantly ignored the entire family as they whirled around the TV room, and in the end I got my extra hour of computer time.

But then again, counting isn't exactly relaxation. Either I'm not built for it or I don't want to relax. I don't think I'm uptight, but then again I'm not very low-key either.

Today maybe what I did can be described as relaxation— I wrote nearly 2k on a short story, another 4k on drivel I had to get out… I read a bit (Lady Susan may be quickly becoming one of my Jane Austen favorites), talked to my Write Write and Write friends on Tinychat (always lovely…)

And I even wrote a dictionary entry (a bad one, but nevertheless, I wrote it) and watched a video and did schoolwork!

And yet… even after having done all these things… I looked at the day and felt as if I'd been woefully unproductive.

((I'm big on productivity, by the way, in case no one's noticed yet.))

Which just proves I haven't gotten down the art of relaxation yet. If I had, I would have realized I'd gotten out some stuff that had been rushing around my head— thankfully with some words tacked on. I would have realized I'd finished my short story and gone on relaxing.

I might have, after realizing I couldn't relax with 32 things to do still on the to-do list, started editing Riddle Rose.

No such luck. The internet is an evil thing. When you want to work, it beckons you away. When you want to relax, it becomes a sort of millstone around your neck, urging you to stay because it might be rude to simply sign off when you know you're not going to actually do anything more important.

And so you stay on the internet all day, breaking your concentration every five minutes to see what someone said in reply to so-and-so comment, or whether or not anyone's favorited that short story… and maybe just break here, because you don't really want to write Character A's reply to Character B's blatant insult.

Oh… The Art of Relaxation? I could use a manual on that.

Where can I find it? And is it on Kindle? Is it free on the internet?

Will it help me finish this to-do list?

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