Monday, December 26, 2011


When I wake up in the morning the crows are starting to caw. The crickets are still chirping, because the sun hasn't finished rising yet. As the sun rises higher, the crickets chirp less and the crows caw more. 

I get up and turn on my iPod to listen to 90s French music (Joe Dassin= awesome) until about 6:40, when I have to get ready to open the door for the breadman.

The doorbell chimes within five minutes of seven o'clock, and by this time the crows are conversing more earnestly than usual.

At about nine thirty some fathers and their two year-olds venture towards the pool to take a swim. Within two minutes hysterical screams and crying can be heard. See, the water is freezing cold and it's hard to explain to a two year old that 'you'll get used to it.' (Let's be honest. It's hard to explain to me that I'll get used to the freezing temperature. I do not enjoy entering the pool for this reason).

The screaming goes on as the mothers come out and try to take pictures of the children to make them stop crying.

After the parents give up and take the kids back inside, there's a silence.

The puppies next door start barking at something. They're inquisitive little creatures, biting things and digging through gardens. They bite each others' ears and tussle and chase after a yellow ball that goes SQUEAK when you throw it.

We can hear it from the living room in the middle of the day, and sometimes we look out to see the puppies wrestling with each other.

Last night, at 11:30, people had music on at ear-blasting levels. It went something like this:


It was a very nice lullaby until the party songs changed to rock music. But soon after they stopped playing songs (or maybe I fell asleep?) and all I could hear were the crickets.

And crickets, if you've never heard them, are some of the loudest creatures ever. Even one cricket can drive you absolutely crazy.

And they all chirp at the same time… and stop for a moment… and then start again. 

The ceiling fan is usually on in my room, and when the crickets aren't chirping and the crows aren't cawing and nothing is barking and no one is screaming, the fan makes a sort of melody which could become any melody that's stuck in my head.

Speaking of which… I have Joe Dassin stuck on endless replay in my head. I have no idea what he's saying (yet!) but I can reproduce the sounds and the melody and that's good enough for me!

And I can kind of understand what the titles mean. Beyond that, I am hopeless.

And now the crickets are chirping, out of sync with 'Dans Les Yeux D'Emilie,' as the ceiling fan whirs and makes its own melody. 

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  1. Dear Maria. Speaking of French and Joe Dassin in the same sentence I can tell that if you have a chance to "you tube" and search Joe Dassin then you come across many of his recordings such as Les Champs Elysees that have the words in French , sometimes in English as well. Oh Champs Elysees, Oh Champs Elysees. Tous etc etc etc.And then you'll understand what he says. The lyrics are beautifull. Inconue one moment in Paris and then greeting the sun after , you know what (you are staying with Kamasutra on your reading list). Isn't he a cute. He has a pretty voice. Well OK enough of that. Go get IT tiger of ALL the world has to offer. I did not notice- looking at many of your picture any particular letter - such as O in the lower area of your body. It is your fertile imagination. Warm regards
    ER Roch NY USA