Thursday, December 22, 2011

Outside the Window

Once again, I have no idea what to write about. I mean… I have many subjects I'd like to talk about… but none really lie in the realm of 'world observation,' which is kind of what this blog is about.

Hence the fact that I might start talking about what's outside my window more often than not, unless we get out of this villa collection and outside into Goa.

I have absolutely no drive to walk anywhere else or see anything else except maybe beaches for quite some time. It's tiring to absorb a monument a day, and in Agra we saw four monuments in two days… not to mention the three hours in the train station and the five hours in the car. As Ioan mentioned once, the brain is like a hard drive. And it's getting full, which makes it tiring to do anything, really, except read and write and listen to music.

So as I'm listening to a Genius compilation of "Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli, I'm kind of peeking out my door-window outside, where I have a view of the balcony and a sliver of pool. People are talking, and one man went over with his daughter to check the pool temperature.

There are two puppies here, probably about three months old— with wrinkles that will only get bigger all over their faces, and crows that inspect the pool deck, and cats that climb on roofs. The puppies live in the villa behind ours, and they inspect practically everything inquisitively… but they never venture onto the pool deck, which isn't fenced off in any way— it's basically on a raised platform. You wonder how they know the pool is there.

The crows wake Mom up in the morning, but I get up before sunrise (that sounds terrible), at about 6am, so I can wake up fully before the bread man comes at 7am. I don't hear the crows. It's usually a pretty productive day by the time he shows up— in forty minutes I can read enough pages to satisfy even my crazy schedules. The room is lit by the bedside lamp, which if it were in a different color and with a less pottery-like feel, I would probably have in my future house. All the other lamps in this house aren't bright enough for my taste, though that may be the fault of the lightbulbs, not the mosaic tiling on the lamps themselves.

It's warm here. It's like summer, which is annoying because the power cuts at times and then you're stuck with no AC. I don't use the AC, but you definitely notice when it's not working any more. Crickets chirp incessantly— or cicadas… anything with six legs that sounds creaky. You learn to ignore it after a while, but then you start wondering… where's the silence?

This is a disjointed post… can you tell? I don't have any subject beyond… 'observe,' and that's a big realm. Rest assured once we have an interesting experience, posts will be nicer. Much nicer.

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