Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The reason the name of this is 'indecision' is because… I don't know what to write about. I have a lot of subjects, I guess, but none that seem like I could make them 500 words without serious padding. And I'm not working on padding here… I'm working on being concise. There will probably be posts like this every once in a while, as I accumulate things I can't stretch out a bit.

The Pool

I don't like the pool much. There's not much you can do just swimming and swimming and slwimming. Luckily we had those floating objects that you lay on. BUT with the arrival of floating objects comes a game called 'Get The Other Person Off the Floating Object,' which meant that we had fun in the pool.


We get bread delivered to our door step at 6am or at 7am, our choice. This morning, after struggling to open the door, Dad and I selected warm bread from the seller's basket. It was freshly made and absolutely delicious. It was so good it collected ants. We shook them out, but then got tired of finding the ants (they're small. And thin. So the equivalent of almost invisible.), and I decided they were protein. BREAD IS GOOD. AND SWEET. And I would like more… but we're all out. Just have to wait till tomorrow!

Indian Commercials

Indian commercials are musical. They feel kind of like entertainment even if they're trying to sell you things. In America, the commercials just want to sell you something.

We saw one commercial that featured two fingers, walking around trying to get a girl to talk to them. She ignores them completely. The fingers were painted like pants and shoes, in varying colors. Then, you saw the fingers sit down on a ledge, and they turn into legs. A man is there, holding his phone, and you see a pair of fingers in pink-polka-dotted colors walking towards him slowly. His phone lights up. The girl is calling him. After the normal display of happiness, the scene cuts to a phone on a white background. "Let your fingers do the talking." It says. EPIC.

Another was in a store. The sales clerk is practically harassing a woman looking to buy a dress. (This may be normal— we feel the same way.) After telling him no about five times, she tells him something in Hindi and takes a chocolate out of her purse. As the clerk eats the chocolate, you see the smooth, creamy chocolateness sliding around the screen, and the words GET LOST! Is on the screen. Now think about the double meaning of it… "Get lost in the chocolatey goodness," and "Seriously, GET LOST."

Now, I haven't watched enough American commercials… but I'm not sure that they boast this. On top of that… you see Bollywood stars regularly in commercials. Now… I don't know about you, but I haven't seen Brad Pitt or Rihanna in any commercials lately. And it's not perfume commercials, either.

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